SRM University BTech Award of division

(Last Updated On: 08/12/2017)

SRM University BTech Award of division: SRM BTech Class/Distinction will be awarded to the students after they successfully complete the B.Tech programme as mentioned here:

SRM University BTech Award of division (First class with distinction, First class, Second class, Pass) for regular students

SRM University BTech Award of division for Lateral Entry students

SRM University Grade Card

The grade card issued by the Controller of Examinations SRM University to each student, after the announcement of the results will contain the following:

  • The credits for each course registered for that semester,
  • The letter grade obtained in each course
  • The attendance code in each course
  • The total number of credits earned by the student up to the end of that semester in each of the course categories
  • The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of all the courses taken from the I semester onwards for regular students and from III semester onwards for lateral entry students. For lateral entry students the grades awarded in the bridge courses shall also be taken into consideration.

SRM University grading system scheme marks and attendance rules

the above rules are subject to the change from time to time.

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