SRM University calculation of SGPA and CGPA

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SRM University Computation of  (SGPA) and (CGPA)

(A) for finding SGPA Semester Grade Point Average, use following equation:


Ci = credit for the ith course,

(GP)i = the grade point obtained for the ith course,

n = total number of courses and the sum is over all the courses taken in that semester, including those in which the student has secured F grades.

(B) for finding CGPA Cumulative Grade Point Average, use following equation:


Si = Sum of credits in ith semester,

(SGPA)i = Semester Grade Point Average earned in ith semester and

r = number of semesters and the sum is over all the semesters under consideration.

(C) The SGPA / CGPA shall be rounded off to second decimal points and reported in the transcripts.

SRM University BTech grading system scheme marks and attendance rules

the above rules are subject to the change from time to time.

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