PEC University grading and marking system & attendance rule

(Last Updated On: 13/12/2017)

PEC University grading and marking system & attendance rule applicable to students admitted from Academic Session 2014-15 is explained here.

PEC University Credit System

Each course / subject has been assigned credits depending upon its lecture, tutorial and laboratory contact hours in a week.

Credits for Lectures/Tutorial: one lecture/tutorial hour per week per semester= one credit

Credits for Laboratory: One laboratory hour per week per semester= half a credit.

PEC University registration

All students should register in each semester for the courses of the programme, on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar. The responsibility for registration lies with the student. A student must have completed the pre-requisites, if any, for each course to be registered.

Late Registration

If a student is unable to register by the date of normal registration due to unavoidable reasons, he/she can register by the late registration date specified in academic calendar on payment of a late fee. If a student seeks prior permission to register late on valid reason, he /she may be allowed to do so without payment of late registration fee. The students shall not be permitted to register after the last date of registration.

PEC University evaluation and grading system

There is a continuous evaluation process and is based on performance of a student  in mid-semester examination, end semester examination, quizzes/short tests, tutorials, assignments, laboratory work, etc.

In continuous evaluation system, some freedom being given to the course Instructor in deciding the pattern of evaluation and weightages as given below:

  1. Mid-term Examination : 15 – 25 %
  2. End-term Examination : 40 – 50 %
  3. Assignments, Quizzes (Minimum 3), Projects : 30 – 40 %

Evaluation of all components, i.e., mid-term examination, end term examination, assignments, quizzes etc. shall be done in marks. The total marks thus obtained shall be converted to a letter grade.

The academic performance of a student shall be graded on a 10 point scale. The letter grades and their equivalent grade points are listed below:

Grade ‘F’: It indicates that the student is failed in the course.

Grade ‘N’: A student has not fulfilled the attendance requirement and is not allowed to appear in the end semester examination in that course. The student shall have to repeat the entire course.

Grade ‘I’: This grade may be assigned if a student fails to complete any of the required course work by the end of the semester on acceptable grounds. In all such cases, an Incomplete Contract is to be filed along with the grade report.

An Incomplete Contract covers following:

Details of the incomplete course work.

The date by which the incomplete work must be completed. It should not be later than one month of the close of relevant semester.

The final grade to be substituted for the ‘I’ grade, if the incomplete work is not completed by the date given above.

If the student completes the required work by the given time, the instructor shall fill up and submit a grade change form indicating the final grade earned.

Grading System for Large Classes (>30 students)

The mean ( X̅) and the standard deviation (σ )of marks obtained by all the students in a course shall be calculated.

Grading System for Small Classes (≤ 30 students)

PEC University SGPA & CGPA 

PEC University promotion and termination rules

PEC University Attendance Rule

All the students are required to have a minimum attendance of 75% of the total number of classes including lectures, tutorials and practicals, held in a course. The student who is not meeting of attendance criteria shall not be allowed to appear in the end term examination for that course. A student should fulfil the above attendance requirement irrespective of the number of days he/she was absent from the classes due to medical or any other reason whatsoever.

Above rules are subject to the change from time to time.

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