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PDPU BTech Semester Performance Index (SPI) and Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) of the student are calculated at the end of each semester:

(i) SPI Semester Performance Index: At the end of every semester performance of a student is evaluated in terms of the weighted average of grade points secured in all the courses for which the student registers in the semester, and is known as SPI.

Gi = Grade points obtained by the student for the course i

n = number of courses registered by the student in a semester


(ii) CPI Cumulative Performance Index: It gives the overall academic performance of a student in all the courses registered up to and including the last completed semester by the student. It is computed in the same way as the SPI, considering all the courses till the end of last semester


m = total number of semesters taken by a student

Ck = total number of credits registered for during a particular semester

Sk = SPI of the kth semester of the student

SPI and CPI are calculated up to the second decimal place.

PDPU BTech grading scheme attendance rules

All the above rules are subject to the change from time to time.

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