PDPU BTech grading scheme attendance rules

(Last Updated On: 24/11/2017)

PDPU BTech grading scheme attendance rules applicable from year 2016 are explained below:


Registration of each student is compulsory In every semester on the dates given in academic calendar. Late Registration Is permissible due to unavoidable reasons, whereby a student is allowed to register after the last date of registration on payment of a prescribed fine.


Students are required to register for either of these activities (NCC/NSS/NSO) during the first two semesters. The choice will depend on the aptitude of the student for any of these activities. This requirement must be completed before the end of the second year. In case valid reasons exist, a student may be given special permission for completion of this requirement before the end of the third year, failing which he will not be permitted to register for the courses of the fourth year.

A student is awarded P (Pass) grade for this activity in a semester provided the minimum requirement of this activity is met during that semester together with 80%minimum attendance, failing which the grade F (Fail) is awarded. The award of the degree is subject to the successful completion of NCC/NSS/ NSO.

PDPU Credits

Each course is assigned a numerical weightage termed as credits for that particular course.

One hour theory lecture/ tutorial per week =  1 credit

One hour laboratory work per week = 1/2 credit

Separate credits are mentioned for Industrial Training, Industrial Orientation, Rural Internship, Seminar, Project, Viva-voce, Civic and Social Service Internship, Dissertation, etc. as the case may be. NSS/NSO is a non-credit requirement.

PDPU evaluation system

The academic performance of students is based on a continuous evaluation system. At the end of each semester, every student is awarded a letter grade in each of his courses by the concerned instructor, based on student’s performance in mid-semester examination, end-semester examination, quizzes, tests, assignments, laboratory work, seminars, projects, etc., and attendance in classes.

The assessment in a laboratory course is based on turn-to-turn supervision of the student’s work, performance in viva voce examinations, and group discussions, the quality of work as prescribed through laboratory journals and an end-semester test that contains an experiment and/ or a written examination. The teacher will announce the mode of evaluation and distribution of marks at the beginning of the course. It is obligatory to maintain laboratory journal as prescribed by the course instructor. End-semester practical examinations for laboratory course are normally held at the end of the term before the final theory examination.

PDPU Distribution of marks

PDPU distribution of marks is explained here

Theory Course

for Mid Semester examination 25%,

for End Semester exam 50%,  

for the Internal Assessment like Quiz, Class Assignments etc. 25%

Practical course

for the Laboratory Work 50%

for the Laboratory Examination 50%

Theory & Practical evaluation of the student will be carried out separately. Theory Head Grade will include the performance in the mid semester exam, end semester exam, class quiz, assignments & such other components. Similarly the Practical Head Grade will include the performance in the practical exams, term work, lab assignments, Lab quiz & such other components.

PDPU Letter grades

Based on the performance of a student, a letter grade is awarded in each course, and each letter grade has a numerical value, known as grade points, as given below:

For getting a passing grade in a course the students should obtain minimum 40% marks in the respective course examination.

If a student is awarded fail grade F, he/ she will have to appear in  re-examinations as per the time-table announced.



In the following image pdpu btech promotion rules are given. Student should carefully study them:

PDPU Semester Repeat

Student with one or more backlog in a semester may be permitted to repeat a semester completely, subject to the nullification of all the previous academic data of the semester to be repeated. The student will have to pay a fee of rupees 20000/- for repeating a semester.

The students who could not pass the concerned semester/s even upon its re-examination/s and may lose their one more year for not getting admitted in the respective higher semester (fifth semester for example) may be permitted to admit into the same. The student will have to make a request in the prescribed format, with the condition that they have to pass all the concerned previous semester/s and to fulfill all other relevant conditions by the end of the semester in which the admission is sought, upon appearing at the routine re-examinations as scheduled in the academic calendar otherwise he shall not be eligible to move into the further higher semester ( sixth semester for example).


For award of the PDPU B.Tech. degree, a student must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. The student should have registered in and passed all the courses of semester I to Semester VIII within maximum period for completion of the programme.
  2. The student should have CPI equal to or more than 5.00.
  3. The student should have satisfactorily fulfilled other academic requirements such as Internships, industrial orientation and training programmes, NSS/NSO, work visits, seminar(s), and B. Tech. project.
  4. The student should have paid all the University dues.
  5. The student should have no pending case of indiscipline against him.

In the final PDPU degree certificate Class will not be mentioned. CPI of 6.5 or above is considered as First Class, and indicated accordingly in the transcript.

The Grade to Percentage conversion-formula is given below


A student having attendance less than 80% in a course will be barred by concerned faculty member from appearing in his course in the end-semester examination. The student shall be awarded ‘F’ grade.

The respective faculty members are authorized by the University in condoning the absence of a student to an extent of 10% for his/her involvement under the faculty mentorship in organizing the institutional activities &/or for institutional representation outside the campus. A student who have less than 50% overall attendance in a semester shall have to repeat the semester.

All the above rules are subject to the change from time to time.

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