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Visvesvaraya Technological University VTU, Belagavi, Karnataka has adopted Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) scheme for the students admitted in 1st year on and after July 2015.

In order to improve the performance of a student who passes a course of a semester shall not be allowed to reappear for the same course again, unless he/she opts for rejection of results.

At VTU the rejection of performance is permitted only once during the entire course of study.

  • A student may reject his/her total performance of a semester (including IA Internal Assessment marks) or
  • he/she may reject the result of his/her performance in University examination of a semester only.

The student shall have to reject performance in all the courses of the semester, irrespective of whether the student has passed or failed in any subject.

However, the rejection of performance of 8th semester project result shall not be permitted.

A student, who want to reject the total performance of the semester including Internal Assessment is required to take readmission for the relevant semester. The student should apply for such readmission to the Registrar through the Principal of College within 30 days from the date of the announcement of the results. Readmission to First semester in such cases shall not be considered as fresh admission i.e., the student will continue to have the same University Seat Number, which was allotted earlier.

The student, who want to reject only the results of University examination of a semester and does not require readmission, shall be permitted to re-appear for examinations of all the subjects of the semester in the subsequent examinations. However, the IA marks obtained by the student in the rejected semester shall be retained. Applications for such rejection shall be sent to the Registrar (Evaluation) through the Principal of the College within 30 days from the date of announcement of the results. If the rejection of the University examination results of the semester happens to be of the odd semester, the student shall be allowed to take admission to the immediate next even semester. However, if the rejection of the University result is of the even semester, the student shall not be allowed to take admission to the next odd semester.

Such students who opt for rejection at final year are eligible for the award of class and distinction at the B.E./ B.Tech. degree level, but are not eligible for the award of ranks.

A student shall be declared to have completed the program of B.E. / B.Tech., degree, provided the student has undergone the stipulated course work as per the regulations and has earned at least 200 Credits.

Click here for VTU Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) Scheme of marks

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5 thoughts on “VTU Rejection of performance / result”

  1. Any 1 please answer these questions, if u know it for sure (please Don’t give your guessings) : #BE @VTU 2015 CBCS scheme.

    While appearing supplementary exam of failed subjects, Do we get only E grade(4) even if we have written for more ???

    What about for those who are absent for external exams, and appearing for supplementary exam ?? Is it the same, only E grade(4) ??

    Is there any restrictions for rejection of results ?? Like only those who have failed more than 4 can only reject. Or
    Can a student who has passed in all subjects with less points(because of illness during exams) reject the results of university examination(externals)???

    Now because of delay in results, As vtu already made us to pay the exam fee including for backlogs before the revaluation results.
    If we reject the results after vtu announces revaluation results. What will be the procedure ???
    Should we write the exams of the rejected results during the coming examination only ..??
    Or in any other time of examination ??

    (As we already know, If we reject only university examination results, we don’t need to take readmission and we should appear for next semester in next year, attending classes and internals in next year.)
    But now, If we reject the result(only university examination) after the announcement of revaluation results, and appear for exams of rejected results.
    As we have already attended classes and internals.
    Should we attend classes and write internals again, and then appear for next semester. Or
    What ever Internal marks we got at present will be carry forwarded..??? Like No need to attend classes again and write internals again.

    Please reply soon
    Reply any/all of these, you know about.

  2. If anyone is applying for rejection of university results only excluding internal marks then he/she does not require readmission for that and no need to attend any classes for that but u will loose 1 year if u reject the result of even semester .however if u reject odd sem results then u are allowed to next even semester and at the end u have to give all subject of both semester which is quite dificult to clear for a below average student.also the important condition is that u should pass that particular rejected sem with atleast 200 credits which means only with one backlog othrwise u have to face year back.

  3. Hi Sir.
    I want to ask, if i reject the 8th sem results now. Then when can i reapply for it? In the month of december of next year july?. Do reply please

  4. Sir,I’m a student of 6th sem mechanical.
    This time I’ve got 11 subjects(2 from 3rd sem,1 from 4th sem,2 from 5th) in total out of which I have to clear 7 to go to next(7th) sem. I’ve already written 2 subject yesterday(14th) and mostly likely I’ll be failing in both papers.
    I’ve only got 9 papers more out of which I need to clear 7 and I’ve got them on 18th,21st,25th,26th,27th,28th,29th and 3rd.
    Again,since the exams for 25th to 29th are regular and are all numerical based paper…I dont think I’ll be able to clear all the 7 required.
    I’m thinking of rejecting 6th sem results,but u said,I wont be able to go to next sem if I do so,I’m thinking of rejecting 5th sem results completely and got to 7th sem…
    Firstly, plz tell me if I can reject 5th sem papers and go to 7th sem even if have papers from 3rd sem??

    I’m thing of rejecting 5th sem coz if I do so(rejecting 5th sem papers),
    I’ll be able to to to 7th sem.
    I’ll have to write 5 papers of 7th sem and 6 papers(excluding lab) of 5th sem so total 5+6=11.
    But even if I clear 6 out of 11 in next sem and the remaining 5 in the 8th sem(including 3 subjects from 8th sem),I’ll clear engineering withing 2020…
    Plz do advice me on this.


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