VTU Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) Scheme of marks

3.07/5 (15) (Last Updated On: 20/01/2018)

VTU Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) scheme is applicable for the students admitted in 1st year on and after July 2015.

Visvesvaraya Technological University VTU, Belagavi, Karnataka  has announced that the program of study shall be called the degree Program of study in Bachelor of Engineering / Technology, abbreviated as B.E. / B.Tech. The program shall be a four years (eight semesters) programme divided into eight semesters, each semester having duration of 16 weeks.

Every Course will consists of specific Lecture-Tutorial-Practical (L-T-P) Schedule.
Lecture and tutorial of one hour each of any subject is assigned one credit.
Practical of two hours each of any subject is assigned one credit.

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VTU CBCS internal passing marks promotion rules 2017


Theory Paper: 20 marks

Practical: 20 marks

Seminar: 50 marks

For the award of the Internal Assessment marks in a theory paper the institute will be required to conduct two mid semester tests with a provision of one extra make-up test for theory in each semester. Average of the better marks obtained from any two tests shall be the Internal Assessment Marks for the relevant subject.

For the award of the Internal Assessment marks in a Practical / Lab, the IA marks shall be based on the laboratory journals/reports and one practical test.

The IA Internal Assessment marks for I year Computer Aided Engineering / Drawing:
a) 12 marks for class work (sketching and Computer Aided engineering drawing).
b) 08 marks for test (better of the two tests)

The IA Internal Assessment marks for other Drawings and Design Drawings offered by various branches shall be based on the evaluation of the sheets and one test in the ratio 60:40.

A student should secure a minimum of 50% of the IA marks in Practical / lab /Internship/Project work.

A student should secure a minimum of 40% of the IA marks in Seminar.

There shall not be any minimum requirements of IA marks for theory subjects.


A student will pass in a theory subject/drawing if he / she secure minimum of 35% of the maximum marks prescribed in the University examination and he should secure 40% of marks in the theory paper plus IA marks. i.e. Minimum Passing Grade is “E”.

A student will pass in a Practical/ Internship/ Project/ Viva-voce / Seminar examination if the student  secure a minimum of 40% of the maximum marks prescribed for the University Examination. i.e. Minimum Passing Grade in a course is “E”. VTU Lab passing marks are 40%.

The students who do not satisfy the condition given above and the student who remains absent shall be deemed to have failed in that subject. Such students may reappear in the subsequent examinations. However, the IA marks awarded to the student/s at first attempt in the concerned theory subject will be carried forward. In case of  practical/ Internship/ Projects/ Seminar revised marks will be taken.

The grades to be used and their numerical equivalents are as under :

VTU Choice Based Credit System  CBCS Marks Distribution

Grade % Marks range Grade Point performance
O ≥90-100 10 Outstanding
S ≥80- <90 9 Excellent
A ≥70- <80 8 V. Good
B ≥60- <70 7 Good
C ≥50- <60 6 Above Average
D ≥45- <50 5 Average
E ≥40- <45 4 Poor
F <40 0 Fail

From the above table it is clear that passing marks are 40%. A student obtaining Grade “F” shall be considered failed and will be required to reappear in the examination. Such students after passing the failed subject in subsequent examination/s will be awarded with “E” grade irrespective of marks he/she scores in the subsequent examination/s.


There is no restriction for promotion from an odd semester to the next even semester. However, the student should fulfill the attendance requirement.

A student shall be eligible for promotion from an even semester to the next odd semester subject to the condition that

  1. the student has not failed in more than four heads of passing of the immediately preceding two semesters and
  2. the student has passed in all the subjects of all the lower semester examinations.
  3. A theory or practical shall be treated as a head of passing.

A student is eligible for promotion to 5th semester if

  1. he has passed in all the subjects of 1st and 2nd semesters and
  2. he should not have failed in more than 4 heads of passing of third and fourth semesters
    taken together.

The year back system: The students cannot go to the next year if they failed in more than four subjects.

The critical year system: The students cannot enter third year if they do not pass their first-year subjects or cannot enter final year if they do not pass all second-year subjects.

Refer vtu notification about year back 2017

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In each semester the student has to keep a minimum attendance of 85% in each Course.

A shortage in attendance upto 10% can be condoned by the Vice-Chancellor on the specific recommendation of the Principal of the college where the student is studying on showing reasonable grounds.

The calculation of the attendance shall be based on the number of hours given by the University in its  academic calendar of events. Attendance of the first semester students shall be counted from the date of admission to the course as per CET allotment.

A student having shortage of attendance in one or more subjects shall have to repeat the whole semester. He will not be promoted to higher semester.


Students can find percentage from grades using following formula:

[CGPA Earned – 0.75] x 10= Percentage of marks scored.

Example: [CGPA Earned 7.2 – 0.75]x 10 = 64.5%


These rules and regulations may be amended at any time. Be in touch with official website of Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi http://www.vtu.ac.in

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