VTU CBCS internal passing marks promotion rules 2017

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VTU CBCS internal passing marks promotion rules 2017 effective from the academic year 2017 – 18 are explained here.

Programme: It shall be called the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Specialization Sub.) /Bachelor of Technology (Specialization Sub.), abbreviated as B.E. / B.Tech. (Specialization Sub.).

Duration: Regular Entry Students: Min. duration 4 years and Max. duration 8 years with a condition that the student should be in 3rd sem after  max. 3 years from the date of admission in first semester.

Duration: Lateral Entry Students: Min. duration 3 years and Max. duration 6 years with a condition that the student should be in 5th sem after  max. 3 years from the date of admission in 3rd semester.

VTU CBCS Credits for the Programme:

(a) The number of credits to be earned by the students admitted in 1st semester of  UG programme shall be 200

(b) The number of credits to be earned by the students admitted in 3rd semester of  UG programme shall be 152

VTU CBCS Course Evaluation Scheme 2017: There shall be Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) and Semester End Examinations (SEE) to constitute the major evaluations prescribed for each Course. SEE and CIE to carry 60% and 40% respectively, to enable each Course to be evaluated for 100 marks, irrespective of its Credits

VTU CBCS Continuous Internal Evaluation 2017

Theory: 40 marks ( Test 30 marks – Three tests shall be conducted. Final marks are average of 3 test. 10 marks for assignments.)

Practical: 40 marks (30 Marks on conduct of experiment, viva and report writing. 10 marks – Practical test)

The CIE marks for I year Computer Aided Engineering / Drawing:

1) for class work (sketching and Computer Aided engineering Drawing)- 24 marks .

2) for test conducted in the same pattern as that of SEE (The marks secured can be taken as best of the two tests) – 16 marks.

For other Drawings/ Design Drawings offered by various branches The CIE marks shall be based on the evaluation of the sheets and one test in the ratio 60:40.

Technical seminar: 100 marks

Internship/ Professional Practice: 50 marks

Project Phase –I and Project seminar: 100 marks

Project Phase –II: 100 marks

Internship / Professional Practice:

It shall be evaluated for 100 marks with following bifurcation:

50 marks for CIE (Seminar: 25, Internship report: 25) and

50 marks for Viva – Voce conducted during SEE.

The minimum passing requirement of CIE marks shall be 50% of the maximum marks.

The internship can be carried out in any industry/R and D Organization/Research Institute/ Educational institute of repute.

VTU CBCS Minimum CIE passing marks 2017

  1. Theory Courses, no minimum requirements of CIE marks.
  2. Practical/ Internship/Project work, The minimum passing marks shall be 50% of the maximum marks. 
  3. Seminar, 40% of the maximum marks.

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Computation of SGPA and CGPA

  1. There is absolute grading system. In this system the marks are converted to grades, and every semester results will be declared with semester grade point average (SGPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).
  2. The grading system with the letter grades and the assigned range of marks under absolute grading system are as given below:
Grade % Marks range Grade Point performance
S ≥90 10 Outstanding
A ≥80- <90 9 Excellent
B ≥70- <80 8 V. Good
C ≥60- <70 7 Good
D ≥45- <60 6 Above Average
E ≥40- <45 4 Average
F <40 0 Fail

A student obtaining Grade ‘F’ in a Course shall be considered failed and is required to reappear in subsequent SEE. The letter grade earned by the student during his / her reappearance shall be retained. The number of attempts taken to clear a Course shall be marked in the grade cards/ transcripts.

Conversions of Grades into Percentage  

[CGPA Earned – 0.75] x 10= Percentage of marks scored.

Example: [CGPA Earned 7.75 – 0.75]x 10 = 70.0%

VTU CBCS Eligibility for Passing 2017

(a) In a theory Course/Drawing, the student should secure minimum passing marks of 35% of the maximum marks and in total 40% of the maximum marks (i.e., prescribed for SEE and CIE) including the CIE marks. The Minimum Passing letter grade is ‘E’.

(b) In a Practical/Internship/Project/Viva-voce examination, a student should secure a minimum of 40% of the maximum marks. The Minimum Passing Grade is ‘E’.

At the end of the program the student should have secured CGPA not less than or equal to 5.00

At the end of the program if the CGPA of a student falls below 5.00, the student shall be permitted to appear again for SEE in full or part of the previous semester Courses by rejecting the performance for required number of Course/s (other than seminar, Project and Practical’s).

A student may, at his/her desire, reject the total performance of a semester (including CIE marks) or reject only the result of his/her performance in University examination of a semester. The rejection is permitted only once during the entire programme of study.

Attendance Requirement

In each semester the student should have a minimum attendance of 85% in each Course.

A shortage in attendance upto 10% can be condoned (relaxed) by the Vice-Chancellor on the specific ecommendation of the Principal of the college on showing valid grounds.

VTU CBCS Promotion Rules 2017

There is no restriction for promotion from an odd semester to the next even semester, if the student has fulfilled the attendance requirement.

A student shall get promotion from an even semester to next odd semester if the student has not failed in more than four heads of passing of the immediately preceding two Semesters. The student should have passed in all the Courses of all the lower semester examinations. Each credit Course is considered as a head of passing.


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These rules and regulations may be amended at any time. Be in touch with official website of Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi http://www.vtu.ac.in

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