SRM University grading system scheme marks and attendance rules

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SRM University grading system scheme marks and attendance rules (CBCS) for B Tech applicable from 2015 are explained here:

SRM University has introduced Choice Based Flexible Credit System (CBFCS) from the academic year 2015-16 in Engineering B tech programme.

SRM University Registration / enrollment for courses

The process of signing-up for courses is termed as registration. Students are enrolled after they pay the prescribed fees. For a student for becoming eligible to attend classes, he has to necessarily complete both registration and enrollment.

SRM University Enrollment Requirement

A student will be eligible for enrolment only if the student fulfils the enrolment requirement given below. The student will be allowed to enroll only if he/she has cleared all dues to the University, Hostel, Library, NCC etc. up to the end of the previous semester.

Following are the SRM University enrolment/ promotion requirement:

A student shall be eligible for enrolment to the next academic year he / she has earned at least 22 credits in the immediately preceding academic year.

If the above requirement is not met by the student, he/she shall discontinue the studies, earn the requisite credits and take re-admission in the programme from where he/she has left.

SRM University B Tech Re-registering for courses

Re-registering for courses is mandatory under the following situations:

(A) A student who does not have 75% attendance during the normal course of study are not allowed to appear in the end-semester examination. These students have to re-register for the course in the subsequent term /semester.

(B) If the above course is a core (mandatory) course then the student has to register for the same course only, if and when he / she registers. If the course happens to be an elective or not a mandatory course then the student can either register for the same course or may elect another course of his/her choice, subject to satisfying the prerequisites and approval of the academic advisor.

(C) A student who has not secured minimum a pass grade (P) (grade point not less than 5.0) in a course, for three appearances (01 Regular + 02 Re-appearances), either consecutively or otherwise, will have to re-register for the course during the subsequent term / semester.

(D) A student who has not earned minimum a pass grade (P) (grade point not less than 4.0) in a course, can re-register for the same course (if the course is a core course) or another course of his /her choice (if the course is an elective course). Alternatively the student can opt for re-appearing for the end –semester examination.

(E) If the same course is re-registered, after obtaining grade “Ab” or “F” or “I” in a course, then it will be taken as second appearance in that course. But if a new course is registered then it will be considered as first appearance in that course. In both the cases as mentioned above the student will not be considered for rank, medal or distinction.

(f) All marks / grades – internal and external both – will become null and void if a course is re-registered.

Re-appearing for examination

(1) A student who has not secured a minimum pass grade (P) (grade point not less than 5.0) in a course, after appearing in an end semester examination in that course, whether it is a theory course or a laboratory course, can just appear directly for the end semester examinations, as and when conducted or re-register for that course.

(2) If a course has both theory and practical component, then the student shall appear in the end semester examinations of both the components.

(3) A student will be allowed to re-appear for the examination in a course for a maximum of two times only. Thereafter the student must re-register.

(4) If a student opts for re-appearing for an examination in a course after securing less than pass grade, the student will retain all the internal marks acquired during the first appearance. The student is not required to attend the regular classes for that course.

SRM University B Tech Maximum and Minimum Duration of the Programme

A student can complete the B.Tech programme in min eight semesters for regular programme and in 6 semesters under lateral entry scheme. However a student may complete the programme in not more than 14 semesters under regular programme and 12 semesters for the lateral entry programme excluding semesters withdrawn on medical grounds etc.

No student can complete the B.Tech degree in less than 8 full-semesters.

The minimum credits to be acquired by a student are 180 credits for the award of the B. Tech degree. However, for lateral entry students the number of credits to be acquired will be in accordance with the curriculum of program concerned and the credit standing at the point of entry to the B.Tech program. The aggregate of credit standing and the credits acquired must be 180 credits.

The permissible maximum credits is 26 and the permissible minimum is 15 credits per semester. A normal / average workload that a student may choose about 22 credits per semester.

Credit Standing for Lateral Entry Students:

A candidate having a 3-year Diploma or a 3-year Degree program will have a credit standing equivalent to the aggregate of credits stipulated for the first year of B.Tech in the respective specialization less the aggregate of credits that will be earned through the bridge courses at SRM University.

Adding and dropping courses

A student may withdraw from a course without any academic penalty during the first 2 weeks of the semester after registering for the course. In such case the course will not appear on the academic transcript. However, if the course is dropped anytime after 2 weeks unilaterally by the student, due to any reason, it will be recorded with a mark of “Ab” or “I” depending on whether the student has earned the minimum prescribed attendance for the course or otherwise. Courses having co-requisites will not be permitted to drop.

Courses may be added only during the first two weeks of the semester.

If a student does not register for any of the courses for one full academic year, excepting approved withdrawal, then the student will lose all the credits earned till date and his / her studies will be automatically discontinued. If the student want to continue his studies then he/she has to apply and seek admission afresh from the first year.

Temporary withdrawal from the programme

A student may be allowed to withdraw from the programme for a semester or longer on valid grounds. Normally a student will be allowed to discontinue from the programme for a maximum continuous period of two semesters or the aggregate of individual discontinuation not exceeding two semesters.

SRM University B Tech Attendance Rules

The percentage of attendance, calculated by faculty member handling a course will be indicated by a code number/letter as follows:

Attendance rounded to 95% and above: H

Attendance rounded to 85 to 94%: 9

Attendance rounded to 75 to 84%: 8

Attendance Below 75%: L

A student will have an attendance of at least 75% in individual courses, exclusive of leave of absence due to medical reasons, on-duty, extra-curricular / extramural activities, permitted assignments such as job interviews, unforeseen emergencies etc. If a student has attendance less than 75%, His / Her registration for that course will be treated as cancelled, and he/she shall be awarded ‘I’ grade (I stands for Incomplete or registration cancelled for want of minimum attendance) in that course. This grade shall appear in the grade card until the course is successfully completed by the student.

The student should register for and repeat the entire course when it is offered next.

A student is expected to attend all the classes held. However, the minimum attendance requirement of 75% allows a student the facility to use the balance 25% to account for illnesses, permitted assignments such as job interviews, inter university sports meets, inter-collegiate/inter-university competitions, accidents, unforeseen emergencies etc.

The students who have attendance less than 75% will not be allowed to appear in end semester examination.

Condonation of Attendance: The Vice Chancellor, based on the recommendation of the committee may give condonation of attendance, on valid reasons, but in any case the condonation cannot exceed 10%.

SRM University BTech Assessment Procedure

The performance of a student in each course is evaluated based on in-semester continuous assessment (internal assessment) and end-semester examination.

The assessment method is given below:

(a) Assessment- Theory courses Course without any practical component

(b) Assessment- Course with theory and practical component

(i) The theory and practical portions shall be assessed separately for 100 marks each and consolidated by assigning a weightage of 50% for theory component and 50% for practical component. Grading shall be done for this consolidated mark.

(ii) Assessment method for theory component is same as given above.

(iii) Assessment for practical component is as given below:

(c) Assessment- Course with only practical component

(i) Laboratory courses

(ii) Final semester project work

Technical projects should be socially relevant and product oriented. B.Tech projects can be carried out by individual students or it can be done by a group of students (maximum five students).

The assessment method for the project work:

The assessment process for courses like NCC/NSO /NSS /YOGA, Industrial Training and Personality Development courses, shall be decided by the Course Coordinator at the commencement of the semester.

SRM University BTech Award of division

SRM University Letter Grades and Grade Points (GP)

Every student in each Course is awarded a final letter grade at the end of the semester, based on the aggregate of marks obtained through internal assessment and external assessment. SRM University letter grades and the corresponding grade points are as follows:

Against non credit courses ‘Satisfactory’ or “Unsatisfactory’ shall be marked. This will not be counted for the computation of SGPA/ CGPA.

SRM University calculation of SGPA and CGPA

A student is considered to have successfully completed a course and earned the credits if he / she secured a letter grade other than F or Ab or I in that course. A letter grade F or Ab or I in any course implies a failure in that course.

A course which is successfully completed cannot be repeated.

Method of Awarding Letter Grades

The internal marks awarded to the students are normalized and combined with the normalized marks of end semester examination. Letter grades are awarded for the normalized marks as given in the table above.

The detailed methodology of normalization of internal marks and marks in the end-semester examinations shall be formulated by the Controller of Examinations.

In order to pass in a course, a student has to score a minimum of 50% of the total normalized marks secured in both the internal and end semester examination.

All the above rules are subject to the change from time to time.

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