Shivaji University (SUK) CBCS passing marks CGPA for B Tech

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Shivaji University (SUK) CBCS passing marks CGPA for B Tech

Shivaji University (SUK) CBCS passing marks  CGPA for B Tech Courses

 Regulations for CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM (CBCS)  for BTech degree course applicable from batch 2018-19

Programmes offered

 four years (Eight Semesters) B.Tech. Degree programme

Attendance Rule

The candidate should have minimum 75% attendance of the classes actually held in the semester which may include theory classes, seminars, sessionals, practicals, projects, as may be prescribed.

Scheme of Instructions 

The BE program is of 4 years divided into 8 semesters . The result will be declared year wise and the Examination will be conducted semester wise and will be consisting of either/ all of the following (As Prescribed in the structure) : 1. Theory paper ( including CIE and ESE ) 2 Term-Work 3 Practical and Oral taken together 4 Oral 

Each of above shall constitute a separate head of passing. In case of TH paper, evaluation , CIE and ESE shall be considered as separate passing head. A student shall not be allowed to appear for ESE of a particular subject if he fails to score minimum passing marks in CIE of that subject. 

In the case of PoE , the combined total of marks obtained in practical and the marks obtained oral shall considered as passing head.  


30% marks for continuous internal assessment (CIA)

70% marks for end semester exam (ESE)

SUK Shivaji University Passing Rules for engineering

(1) There shall be minimum 40 % marks required for passing. ESE and CIE shall be considered as separate head of passing for theory 

(2) For Environmental Studies theory paper minimum 25 out of 70 and for project minimum 10 marks out of 30 are required for passing. There shall be separate passing for theory and project examination for Environmental Studies. 

(3)  Aggregate of Sem-I & Sem -II of a particular year shall be considered as a separate head of passing for the result of that concerned year and minimum marks for passing shall be 45% 


SUK Award of Degree 

 (According to AICTE Handbook 2011-12):

 I st Division with distinction : CGPA > 8.25 and above

 I st Division : CGPA > 6.75 and < 8.25

 IInd Division : CGPA > 6.75 and < 6.25

 As per AICTE Handbook (2011-12), new gradation suggested as follows. Conversion of CGPA to percentage marks for CGPA ≥ 4.5 can be obtained using equations. Percentage marks = (CGPA x 10) – 7.5

“A candidate who fails to clear all heads of passing (Including aggregate marks) at an Examination may be exempted at a subsequent attempts from appearing in a head or heads of passing in which he has secured 40% or more marks and these marks will be carried over for the purposes of aggregate and he will be declared to have passed in the examination when he passes according to R.E. 9. A candidate who has cleared all heads of passing but has failed in aggregate for passing the examination has a choice to reappear for any head/s so as to enable him to secure aggregate marks. A Candidate passing the B.E. Examination in this manner will not be eligible for a prize or scholarship at the Degree Examination. The CGPA be calculated for the B.E. Program on the basis of actual number of marks obtained irrespective of the number of attempts. ‘ A Candidate passing in the remaining paper/s of T. E. Examination after clearing the papers of B.E. Examination in not more than two, examination sessions shall also be held eligible for award of class but he will not eligible for prizes, medals, ranks etc.’’

Shivaji University (SUK) Grading System Choice Based Credit System  CBCS Marks Distribution

Grade % Marks range Grade Point CGPA
O 90-100  10 9.50 – 10.0
A+ 80-89  9 8.50 – 9.49 
A 70-79  8 7.50 – 8.49
B+ 60-69  7 6.50 – 7.49
B 50-59  6 5.50 – 6.49 
C 40-49  5 5.00 – 5.49
F 0-39 0 0.0 – 4.99 
Ab Absent 0 absent

Note: 1. Marks obtained > = 0.5 shall be rounded off to next higher digit. 2. The SGPA & CGPA shall be rounded off to 2 decimal points. 

3. The award of the final Grade for the degree of Bachelor of Engineering shall be based on CGPA calculated for the last three years i.e. based on SGPA from 3rd semester to 8th semester.


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