Shivaji University, Kolhapur (SUK) Marks Promotion Attendance Rules for B.Tech

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Shivaji University, Kolhapur (SUK) Marks Promotion Attendance Rules for B.Tech 2012 are explained here. SUK grading system and evaluation system is also given.

Shivaji University, Kolhapur Features of Credit System

  • The total number of credits required for completing B. Tech degree (Sem. I to VIII) = 178 to 190.
  • Use of Absolute Grading System with 7 Passing Grades.
  • Evaluation system involves Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) and Semester End Examination (SEE), both having equal (50:50) weightage in the student’s performance in Course Work/Laboratory Work and other activities. CIE consists of TWO Internal Test with equal weightage.

SUK Course credits

Lectures and Tutorials: One lecture or tutorial hour per week per semester= one credit.
Practical/Laboratory: One laboratory hour per week per semester= half credit.

SUK Evaluation Scheme

Theory: Out of total 100% theory weightage, 50% weightage are allotted for Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE).
1. CIE (50% weightage) includes :
First Internal Test shall be conducted in 5th week on 1st and 2nd UNIT – (Duration shall be 1hr.)
Second Internal Test shall be conducted in 10th week on 3rd and 4th UNIT – (Duration shall be 1hr.)
2. SEE (50% weightage) Question paper will be set, in which student must secure minimum 40 % as university examination passing head and Minimum 40% marks required in CIE to become eligible for SEE.
3. Final theory letter grade will be awarded to the students will be the addition of CIE (50%) and SEE (50%).
Practical: Final labortaory letter grade will be awarded to the students will be the addition of CIE (50%) and SEE (50%).
1. For first year students there shall be no Semester End Examination (SEE) for laboratory courses. The entire assessment of a student shall be based on CIE (IPE- Internal Practical Evaluation/IOE- Internal oral Evaluation) 100% weigtage and a student must secure minimum of 40% in CIE to get the passing grade.
2. From the 3rd semester onwards the assessment of laboratory course shall be carried out in two parts CIE & SEE.

SUK CGPA Improvement Policy

A student getting CGPA equal to or less than 4.50 with grade ‘DD’ in any course or grade ‘FF’ in any course may be allowed to repeat one or more ‘DD’ graded courses along with the failed courses, /are being offered in a semester.
A student with CGPA greater than or equal to 4.00 but less than 4.50, shall be allowed to improve his/her grade by permitting him/her to appear for 100% examinations of maximum two theory courses of seventh and eighth semester.

SUK Award of Degree

Shivaji University, Kolhapur rules for the award of degree are as follows:
1. The student should have registered and earned all the credits of prescribed courses.
2. The student should have completed the requirements of Audit Course (AC) during the programme. PP is a mandatory requirement for the Degree award of a student.
3. A student has secured minimum CGPA = 4.5

SUK Attendance Rule

All students of Shivaji University, Kolhapur must have a minimum attendance of 75 % of the classes actually held. A student with less than 75 % attendance in a course during the semester, in lectures, tutorials and laboratories taken together (as applicable), will be awarded an ‘XX’ grade in that course irrespective of his/her performance in the tests.

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1. A student of Shivaji University, Kolhapur shall be eligible to register for the next year’s odd semester courses only if he/she has earned at least 75% credits of the previous year. If 75% calculation turns out to be a mixed number (integer + fraction) then only the integer part of that number shall be considered for deciding the eligibility for ATKT.
2. For getting the promotion to the Third Year, 75% credits of Second Year and all credits of First Year must be earned.
3. For getting the promotion to the Final Year 75% credits of Third Year and all credits of Second Year must be earned.
4. A student who has obtained ‘FF’ grade in SEE (Semester End Exam) of a regular semester and has obtained ‘FF’ grade in the 2nd attempt of SEE can choose any one option given below:
i. Re-registration for the next regular semester course whenever that course is offered.
ii. A student can apply for 100% examination.
5. A student who was detained in a regular semester and obtained ‘XX’ grade can Reregister for the next regular semester whenever it is offered.
6. The maximum duration for completing B. Tech. degree shall be 12 semesters (six academic years). The maximum duration for completing B. Tech. degree shall be 10 semesters (five academic years) for lateral entry students.
If a student could not earn all credits of first year in three years from the date of his/her admission, then he/she shall be declared as “Not Fit for Engineering”.

SUK Award of division

On completion of B. Tech Program, a student will be placed in any one of the divisions as given below:
First Division with distinction: CGPA ≥ 8.25 and above
First Division : CGPA ≥ 6.75 and < 8.25
Second Division : CGPA ≥ 6.25 and < 6.75

SUK Conversion of CGPA to percentage marks

Conversion of CGPA to percentage marks can be obtained using equations.
Percentage marks = (CGPA x 10) – 7.5

SUK Grading system and distribution of marks

SUK Award of Grades for Re-Examination

• A student who has earned grade ‘FF’ in a regular semester can appear for re-examination conducted before the commencement of the next regular semester.
• For these cases, Continuous Internal Evaluation performance of a student shall not be wiped out.
• 50% weightage shall be given to re-examination.
• A student shall get a grade between ‘AB’ to ‘DD’, or ‘FF’ or ‘XX’ depending upon the cumulative marks obtained by him/her in CIE and Reexamination of SEE. Here a student shall have to suffer a grade penalty by accepting one grade lower as compared with the regular grades.


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These rules and regulations may be amended at any time. Be in touch with official website of Shivaji University, Kolhapur
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