SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY CBCS grading system rules and regulations

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SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY CBCS grading system rules and regulations: Choice Based Credit System which is applicable to Engineering and Technology courses effective from 2015.

Sathyabama University Credits of a course

Each course is assigned credits as given below:

  • Lecture Hours (Theory) : 1 credit is assigned to one lecture hour per week, 1 credit per tutorial hour per week,
  • Laboratory Hours : 1 credit is assigned to two Practical hours, 2 credits for 3 or 4 hours of practicals per week.
  • Project Work : 1 credit is assigned to two hours of project work per week
  • Professional Training : 5 credits is assigned to minimum of 3 weeks of training during summer vacations


Duration of the program to complete the B.E/B.Tech. is 8 semesters but in any case not more than 12 consecutive semesters from the time of commencement of the course (not more than 10 semester for admission under Lateral entry system in 3rd semester)

Sathyabama University evaluation scheme

Each course will be evaluated for max 100 marks having following bifurcation:

(i) Theory Courses

Continuous Assessment : 50 Marks

End Semester Exams : 50 Marks

(ii) For Practical courses

Continuous Assessment : 50 Marks

End Semester Exams : 50 Marks


Sathyabama University internal marks

  1. Theory courses

For each Theory course there will be a Minimum of two Continuous Assessment Exams ( Each Exam for a Maximum of 50 Marks). The total marks secured in the Two Assessment Exams out of 100, will be converted to 45 Marks. 5 mark will be given on the basis of attendance of the student in the course

  1. Practical courses

25 Marks will be given on the basis of performing all experiments, submitting Observation and Record Note Book in scheduled Format and Time)

20 Marks for Model Exam at the end of the semester and

5 Marks for Attendance in the course.

Sathyabama University Final year project work

Each student in final year will have to take project work. Project work Phase 1 is to be done in the 7th Semester and Phase 2 during the 8th Semester.

Project work may be allotted to a single Student or Group of 2 students.

The review committee will evaluate the progress of the Project (3 reviews) and award the marks.

Passing requirements

Sathyabama University passing marks

  • A candidate should secure minimum 50% of total marks prescribed for the courses, Out of Which 30% marks should be scored in End Semester Exams.
  • If a candidate fails in a particular course, he / she will have to reappear for the examination in that course during the next semester when examination is conducted in that course. He / she will have to reappear for the examination till he / she secures a pass.

Sathyabama University Grade System

Performance of a candidate will be reported through letter grades, each carrying certain number of points, based on the range of total marks (out of 100) obtained by the candidate in each course.

Sathyabama University Attendance Rule

  • The candidate should secure not less than 90% of overall attendance in the semester.
  • Candidates who do not have the requisite attendance for the semester will not be allowed to write the semester Examinations.

Award of degree

Sathyabama University final Degree is awarded based on the following:

CGPA ≥ 9.0 – First Class – Exemplary

CGPA ≥ 7.50 < 9.00 – First Class with Distinction

CGPA ≥ 6.00 < 7.50 – First Class

CGPA ≥ 5.00 < 6.00 – Second Class

For the award of Degree, a student should have secured a minimum of 5.0 CGPA.


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