RGPV Procedure for Challenge / Persuasion

(Last Updated On: 02/11/2017)

Following is the process for filling up challenge form:

1 If your revaluation result has been declared and you are not satisfied then you may go for a challenge.
2) You can apply for challenge /persuasion for a maximum of two of your answer books in the prescribed pro-forma.
3) You have to apply online within a week after the declaration of revaluation result.
4) RGPV will send you the scanned answer scripts on your log-in ID on University web portal after receiving the application for persuasion.
5) You can not apply for challenge/ persuasion for practical examinations /mid semester examinations /internal assessments/ field works and sessional works.
6) A student has to present his case supported by relevant documents through email to Controller Examination office pertaining to his /her justifying the answers for which he/she wishes to claim. The relevant documents should be in support of their answers. A candidate is not required to appear in person for this purpose.
7) Candidate’s result will be revised If the marks awarded during persuasion/challenge in the paper/subject vary from the marks given by the original
examiner by more than 10 (Ten) percent of the maximum marks in the paper/subject.

If you want to fill Challenge Form of RGPV, visit to official website of RGPV- https://www.rgpv.ac.in/ At the bottom of page, you find tab ‘Examination’. Click here on ‘Download Forms’. You will Get challenge form here.

Direct link to get RGPV Challenge Form, click here

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    I want to know about the result case that if i’m not satisfied with my marks then what would i do first plz give me the working steps of such procedure


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