RGPV Grading System marks, grace marks and rule for sem back

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Educational Qualification for admission in Engineering course

Candidate should have passed Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (10+2) (or equivalent exam) scheme with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Candidate should have secured pass marks in these three subjects individually.


There will be one University Examination at the end of each semester. In every year there will be two semesters and in total there will be four years consisting eight semesters. The semester examination (consisting of end semester of theory and practical) will generally be held in December and May in each year.


Promotion of students to the higher class will be done in accordance with the following rules:

A student who takes admission in odd semester of an academic year is said to be in A-B group (a student of A-B Group will take admission generally in July). A student who takes admission in even semester of an academic year is said to be in B-A group (A student of B-A Group will take admission generally in January).

A candidate who has taken admission in A-B Group (student will appear in odd sem exam) will be promoted to even semester of that year without consideration of failing in any number of subjects of odd semester.

To pass a particular subject of the course the minimum required grade is D. Theory and practical parts of the subject are treated as separate subjects.


A student who fails in more than five subjects (Theory and Practical of the same subject shall be treated as two subjects) in a particular year, shall not be promoted to the next higher year. Example: Suppose you are failed in 6 subjects of first year (First Sem + Second Sem), you will not be allowed to take exams of third semester. Thus your third sem will be back. You will be required to take the exams of back subjects (6 subjects) first. Still you are failed in 6 back subjects, you will not be allowed to take exams of fourth sem. Thus your fourth sem will also be back. Your third and fourth semesters are back and you will be a year back student. However, if you have cleared one subject out of 6 subjects, you will be allowed to take exams of fourth sem. You will become BA group student.

A student shall not be admitted in the fifth semester (Third year) classes if he/she has not fully passed the first year examination with minimum of CGPA of 5.0.

A student shall not be admitted in seventh semester ( Fourth year) classes if he/she has not fully passed first and second year exams with minimum CGPA of 5.0.

If a student has failed to score a minimum CGPA of 5.0 shall be permitted to improve requisite grade point by reappearing in maximum of three subjects (theory and practical of a subject shall be treated as separate subjects).

For the award of degree minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) required is 5.0.

A student who has taken admission in even semester under B-A Group (student will appear in even sem exam) will be promoted to next applicable odd semester without consideration of failing in any number of subjects of even semester.

See RGPV Challenge Form


The distribution of weightage /marks for theory and practical component is given below:

Theory Block

Sr. No. Perticulars weightage %
1 Quizzes, assignments and regularity 10%
2 Mid – semester test 20%
3 End – semester Exam 70%
Total 100%

Practical Block

Sr. No. Perticulars weightage %
1 Lab work and performance, quizzes,
assignments and regularity
2 End – semester examination 60%
Total 100%

Practical training, and project work shall be treated as practical subjects.
In each semester, the institute will be required to conduct at least two mid semester tests for theory block.

Each student, registered for a course, shall be awarded grade by the concerned faculty / faculties for the specific subject/paper. The grades awarded to a student shall depend upon his continuous evaluation through performance in various examinations, assignments, quizzes, laboratory work, class work, mid semester test and regularity. The grades to be used and their numerical equivalents are as under :

Credit Based Grading System Marks Distribution

Grade %Marks range (based on
absolute marks system)
Grade Point Description of
A+ 91-100 10 Outstanding
A 81-90 9 Excellent
B+ 71-80 8 V. Good
B 61-70 7 Good
C+ 51-60 6 Average
C 41-50 5 Satisfactory
D 31-40 4 Marginal
F 30 AND Below 0 Fail
I 0 Incomplete
W 0 Withdrawal

From the above table it is clear that passing marks are 31%. From this passing marks out of 70 is equal to 70x 31/100 = 21.7 which is 22 marks.

Link The Semester Grade Points Average (SGPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)


At the end of each even semester examination the grade sheet for students of A-B group (odd semester, for students of B-A group) shall also show CGPA till end of that semester. The final examination grade sheet at the end of final semester examination of the course shall also indicate CGPA, equivalent percentage marks and the division awarded.

A candidate appearing in seventh semester after eighth semester (B-A group) will not be issued any Grade Sheet or Provisional Certificate after eighth semester until he has passed all the semesters.


Grace up to five marks can be given to the student for passing the examinations. The grace marks can be given in not more than two subjects (theory and practical of the same subject shall be considered as two separate subjects).

If the student is failing/missing distinction/missing first division by one mark, he / she will be given grace of one mark. This benefit will not, however, be available to a candidate getting advantage as mentioned above.


Division shall be awarded only after the eighth (Seventh semester for candidates of B-A group) and final semester examination based on integrated performance of the candidate for all the four years as per following details The conversion from grade to an equivalent percentage in a given
academic program shall be according to the following formula applicable.

rgpv cgpa to percentage can be calculated by Percentage of marks scored= CGPA Obtained x 10

CGPA Scored Division
7.5 ≤ CGPA First Division With Honours
6.5 ≤ CGPA < 7.5 First Division
5.0 ≤ CGPA < 6.5 Second Division



In every semester there shall be minimum fourteen weeks of teaching. One credit means one hour of conduct in Lecturer (L) / Tutorial (T) / Practical (P) per week.
A student may provisionally be allowed to attend classes of next higher semester if result of previous sem is not declared. However, the student cannot claim any right on the basis of his/her provisional admission, if he/she is not able to clear qualifying semester examination.

The maximum duration of the course shall be eight years. However, for one mercy attempt the para 24.1.4 of the Ordinance No.12: “Examination General” shall be applicable.


After the main examination of the eighth semester merit list of first ten (10) candidates shall be declared by the University. The merit list shall be seperate for each branch. The merit list will be prepared on the basis of the integrated performance of the students for all the four years. Students securing first division and passing all semesters in single attempts will be considered for merit.


Attendance of students should not be less than 75 % of the lectures delivered and the practical classes held separately in each subject.

A short fall in attendance upto 10% can be condoned by the principal of the college for satisfactory reasons.

A short fall in attendance upto 5% can be condoned Vice-Chancellor of the University for satisfactory reasons.


The medium of instruction and examination shall be English throughout the course of study.
The subjects to be studied in different semester of Bachelor of Engineering shall be as per the Schemes, approved by Board of Studies.

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82 thoughts on “RGPV Grading System marks, grace marks and rule for sem back”


  2. dear sir i am asking a litle question of you sir if a student third time one subject are back in 4th sem and he was polytechnic student means lateral entry student in be grading system so he will be promoted final (7th+8th sem) or not in this case how any option of this student sir please answer

    • before going for 5th sem all the backlogs upto 2nd sem should be clear .Similary before going to 7 sem all the backlogs upto 4 sem should be clear

  3. Dear sir iam Rajendra Rao I am fail in one subject of first year in rgpv diploma

    Please confirm me my year will be back and me not able for fifth sem admition .

  4. i have 6 backlogs in 3rd year. 5 in 6th sem and 1 in 5th sem.
    do i have sem back?
    will i or will i not be able to sit in 7th sem?

  5. sir, i am want to know …..if any body is secure c+ in theory paper ,this marks is only theory or total of theory and internal marks…………..can i hope that this information will be provided by your team.

  6. sir i am asking a little question
    if in 4 th sem any subject back the student are promoted or not in 5 sem

  7. Sir i have 7 back in 1st or 2nd semester combined if i clear this exam can i get to be in 4th sem or in 3rd sem because thier is a a/b group rule in rgpv so this rule is also in polytechnic college or not…. Plz reply me sir…..

  8. Good morning sir.I am izhar Ansari sir mera 1 st year m year back tha ab regular hogya hoo but mera cgpv 4.5 hai jiski wajh se m final m nhi Beth sakta improvement aagya m jisme 3 theory ya practical dena h aap moje btaye sir k kitna marks lane padege cgpv 5.0 krne k liye

  9. Good afternoon sir
    Sir mera first year me year back tha ab regular hogya hoo aur ab second year me hoo but mera cgpv km h improvement aagya h cgpa badhane k liye to sir mera ye question hai ke me abhi regular hoo ya NHi means m abhi improve ke subject k sath 3rd sem ka paper de sakta hoo ya nhii
    Plzzzzzz sir give me answer

  10. Sir my exam form has not forward by which I can not give my all 5 subject so I will get year back or not.

  11. Respected sir i have a back in my first sem in one subject and couldn’t clear it in the second time also. Now i am giving my third sem exams. How many attempts more do i have to clear that back exam. And what will happen if i dont clear it in the last attempt also. I only have a back in one subject.

  12. dear sir I took admission in 1st year in I.P.branch at govt college. Can my college transfer be held in private college in the mechanical branch

  13. Sir My 3rd sem 4 practical and 1 theory is bach . and 2 back of theory in 4th sem so not showing fill form 5 th sem

  14. I need to know one thing that I have sem back in 5th sem and I have 4 backlog in 4 sem & 2 in 3 sem…what is the criteria of year back in current system of rgpv

  15. Sir, I have passed all 4th sem . if I do not take admission in 5th sem due to any reason, and take admission in 6 th sem then when will I complete my 5th sem. (I don’t have sem back)
    Plz reply as soon as possible sir

  16. sir i had failed in 6 sub in first year and my third sem got back and again i given the 6 sub paper but i had clear only 2 sub so am i will able to give my 4th sem exam ???

  17. Sir if a student pass 4 subjects out of 5 then what happened it will be pass or fail ???? Plz answer

  18. If i got 20 marks in a maths paper in end sem,so are they give me grace marks of 2 numbers for pass on that exam

  19. Sir mere 2nd year me 6 back logs hai to mere semi back hai to sir me phir meri 5 semi ki exam kab de paounga or kya
    Meri degree 4sal me complete ho payegi

  20. Sir if a person of cbcs scheme has not cleared his 1 subject back. He has given back exam of that subject twice and now is in 5sem cbgs. Wat if he is still not passed in this back xam..?

  21. Hello sir I Ankita I have 4th sem 1back sir this subject name control so how many passing marks in out of 60marks

  22. sir i am fourth year student my 8 sem is cLear and 7 sem exams just give and one subject is back but all sub in BE are clear so can i aplly challange for improovment my back subject number is 9 pls heLP me sir

  23. Hi,
    I was a part of a very reputed engineering college from indore…from 2010 batch …I dropped out of my engineering after completing third year… Due to some reasons… Its 2018 now.. My college is now a private university ..I now want to complete my degree..can i do it now..?Would Rgpv allow me to take readmission in final year… I have never appeared in any final sem exams.. Didn’t even filled exam forms or attended college during these years ..please help

  24. please help me i had 5 sem back and i am in 6 sem so please tell me when i will do the exam of my 5 semback paper

  25. Sir,
    I have 10 backlogs 4 back in 3rd sem..
    4 back in 2nd & 1 back in 1st sem….
    So i’m little bit confused about that…
    Did I’m considerd as sem back or I’m a regular student…?

    • If you chaqe back sub markes
      Login your RGPV account
      On RGPV portel
      And go to student services
      Click revail and retotal click than you see your back sub markes

  26. If a student fails in all 5 theory subjects in semester exam but has cleared practical exam.What will be the result of this?

  27. I appeared in 6th sem before 5th sem. So the marksheet of 5th sem does include the sgpa of 6th sem also or not?

  28. Sir main third year (2015-19)batch main hu or mera 4th Sam main 2 subject back the jiska mine exam de Dia hai or result Abhi nhi Aya hai
    Or 5th Sam mera 1 theory subject back hai mera or 4 practical bhi back hai qki main 4 practical main absent tha to mujhe ye confirm karna hai ki mera Sam back to bhi hai n

  29. Hello sir, i have 1theory back in 2nd semester and 4theory& 4 practical back in 3rd semester
    . Am I having a sem back now.

  30. sir i’m fail in one subject in first year , and presently i’m in 4th sem
    so guide mesir , what happend if i can’t pass out the 1 sub in 4th year

  31. Sir i am fail in 4 subject in 1st semester
    Presently I am 2nd semester
    Sir muje total 4+5=9 subject hogye h
    Muje 3rd semester (2nd year) me jaane ke liye kitne subject clear krne pdege

    Please give me answer sir

  32. Good morning sir,
    Sir mera 1sem me ak back hai aur o es bar last chance tha yani 4th baar tha back paper to usko mai es baar attempt nhi kar paya hu to kya mai 3rd year yani 5th sem me nhi ja sakta…?


  34. Sir main 2015 ka passout students hun mera overall cgpa 7.9 hai but ek form bhar rahe hain usmein total marks puch raha hai total marks kitna hota wo bata dijiye sir kal hi form fill up karna hai. Please sir

  35. Sir, I have suffered by critical health condition and did not attend 9 subject (with theory and practical ) but I have cleared all past subject of 1, 2 and 3 sam with 6.3 6.2 and 5.9 than, will I Abel to get admission in 3 year

  36. I am sameer sir I want to know that if a student will fail in 4th and 3 practical is that he was semester back or year back sir and I am a student of polytechnic college
    Thanking you sir
    Your faithfully sameer soni

  37. Sir, I am a student of B.tech first year, there is a back in my first semester and I did not give the exam for 2nd semester nor did I fill the form, can I go to 3rd sem or not?

  38. hii i am in BE last year mera sem back hua tha to mein 1st 2nd and 3rd tino to de chuki hu + mra 8th sem b ho chuka i am giving 7th sem exam actually attendance ki vajh se college valo ne mere 5practicals+1theory back kr dia h to plzz koi batao sem back ka rule

  39. Respected sir,,, maine 2010 me engineering me admission liya tha n 2013 me any reason engineering ke 6 sem se exam nhi diye aaj 2019 aane ko kya mai Firse exam de sakta hun sir jii ki nhi.. Plz help me sir jii

  40. meaning of * symbol in m.pharma 3 sem. faild .
    and can i sit in 4 sem if i failed in second sem. but paased in 1 and 2 sem.

  41. i Am engineering student i have completed 1st yr,2nd yr and 3rd yr +8th sem my 7th sem subjects are back (5practical+1theory) because of short attendance i was unable to give examination,plz tell me what’s sem back rule,if i give these 5practical+1theory paper these month it will be right or not,i am sem backed or not plzz tell me as soon as possible

  42. MERI BE me sem back lgi thi or session 2013-2017 tha ..last exm dec-jan me hua or result march 2018 m aya.to passing year ky likhege ..degree m 2015 Di h..confusion h qki result 2018 m aya

  43. i passed 4 subject in 1 subject i got the back then i chalenge rgpv.. in chalenge they gives me 17 mark..is there sir any chance for grace? is there chalenge they give grace??or not

  44. Sir I’m be student and I have taken lateral entry in the college my one subject is back should I consider it as a sem back aur year back my 4th semester is all clear as I have given my 3rd year exams please give response to this question

  45. Sir / mam I want to ask 1 question that I pass first year full theory and practical in polytechnic rgpv clg and 3 and 4 SEM theory clear but pratical are not clear I can take admission in 5 semester and 3 year

  46. Sir I have a question. Mujhe first year me 5 subject me back hai. Kya mujhe seem back lga please give me a answer.

  47. Sir 7th semester me 1 subject me fail kr diya h Or (0)zero no. Aye h sir aesa kaese ho skta h maine to 22-24page bhara tha or usme vo 5question me 4question pure shi shi kar k aya tha to sir zero no. Kaese aa skte hain.

  48. Sir first sem ke result par (pass in grace) likha aane se kuch effect padta he kya. Agr ha to use kese bataya ja skta

  49. Dear sir,
    I am a politechnic student sir i am a fourth sem student i am a year back student because I will not clear my 1st sem physics subject and i am giving 1st year back exame but i can’t
    Clear my physics subject so can rgpv give me a chance to clear my back please give answer sir.


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