RGPV CBCS Scheme of marks, grace marks

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RGPV Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is applicable for the candidates admitted in 1st year on and after July 2015.

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal (RGPV) has announced that the Bachelor of Engineering shall be a four years (eight semesters) programme and for the award of degree in any branch, a student has to earn a minimum of 180 credits. There will be following courses distributed over eight semesters:

  • Foundation Courses (Basic Sciences, Engineering Arts & Sciences, Humanities, and Social Science & Management),
  • Departmental Core Courses,
  • Departmental Electives Courses and
  • Open Category Electives Courses.

Every Course will consists of specific Lecture-Tutorial-Practical (L-T-P) Schedule.
Lecture and tutorial of one hour each of any subject is assigned one credit.
Practical of two hours each of any subject is assigned one credit.

The medium of instruction and examination shall be English throughout the course of study.

A candidate can register for a minimum of 16 credits per semester.  A candidate can register for a maximum of 26 credits per semester.

A faculty member will be assigned to the newly admitted class comprising of 60 students as faculty advisor by the departmental Head. Faculty Advisor shall remain attached with the same class till they pass out the programme.

Registration of every student is compulsory for the various courses and shall remain open for a
period of ten days as per academic calendar of university. Faculty Advisor will sign registration forms. Late registration with a fee of  100/- will be permitted for a period upto seven days. If a student do not register within the time specified than he / she will be considered withdrawn from the course on his/her own choice.

A student has to earn minimum credits in order to move to next year. If he/she fails to earn the minimum credit threshold limit then he/she has to re-register again in next academic year. he/she can carryover the previously earned credits.

Check Point Minimum Credits
At the end of first year 22
At the end of second year 46
At the end of third year 70
At the end of fourth year 94


The distribution of weightage /marks for theory and practical component is given below:

Theory Block

Sr. No. Perticulars weightage %
1 Quizzes, assignments and regularity 10%
2 Minor test 30%
3 End – semester Exam 60%
Total 100%

Practical Block

Sr. No. Perticulars weightage %
1 Lab work and performance, quizzes, assignments 80%
2 End – semester examination 20%
Total 100%

The institute will be required to conduct two mid semester tests with a provision of one extra make-up test for theory in each semester.

A Unified Practical Examination (online) for all the practical’s mentioned in respective scheme except the major project will be conducted by the University on a notified date before/after the theory exam. Major project viva-voce examination will be conducted by a panel of duly appointed Internal and external examiners by the University.

Each student, registered for a course, shall be awarded grade by the concerned faculty / faculties for the specific subject/paper. The grades awarded to a student shall depend upon his continuous evaluation through performance in various examinations, assignments, quizzes, laboratory work, class work, minor test and regularity. The grades to be used and their numerical equivalents are as under :

Choice Based Credit System  CBCS Marks Distribution

Grade %Marks range (based on
absolute marks system)
Grade Point Description of
A+ 91-100 10 Outstanding
A 81-90 9 Excellent
B+ 71-80 8 V. Good
B 61-70 7 Good
C+ 51-60 6 Average
C 41-50 5 Satisfactory
D 31-40 4 Marginal
F 30 & Below 0 Fail
I 0 Incomplete
W 0 Withdrawal

From the above table it is clear that passing marks are 31%. From this passing marks out of 60 is equal to 60 x 31/100 = 18.6 which is 19 marks.

Link The Semester Grade Points Average (SGPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)


Grace up to THREE marks can be given to the student for passing the examinations. The grace marks can be given in not more than two subjects (theory and practical of the same subject shall be considered as two separate subjects).

If the student is failing/missing distinction/missing first division by 0.01 of CGPA, he / she will be given grace of 0.01 of CGPA.

A candidate securing minimum passing grades in all theory and practical papers but failing to secure minimum CGPA of 5.0 shall be condoned by a margin of 0.01 CGPA.


Attendance of students should not be less than 75 % of the lectures delivered and the practical classes held separately in each subject.

A short fall in attendance upto 10% can be condoned by the principal of the college for satisfactory reasons.

A short fall in attendance upto 5% can be condoned Vice-Chancellor of the University for satisfactory reasons.

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