Pondicherry University Calculation of SGPA and CGPA

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SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average): Let us consider that a student has got A+ grade in the 4 credit course, A grade in the 2 credit course, O grade in the 3 credit course and F grade in the 3 credit course.

SGPA for the semester under consideration is (9×4 + 8×2 +10×3 + 0x3) / (4+2+3+3) = (36+16+30+0)/12 = 82/12 = 6.83.

SGPA = 6.83 in 10.0 point scale.

CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average): The CGPA of a student shall be calculated in similar lines taking all courses taken by the students in all semesters till date.

In order to pass a PG program students should earn minimum number of credits as per Table I and should get CGPA of min 5.0.

Table 1

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Pondicherry University Award of Division

Distinction: Distinction shall be awarded to the Students who passed with CGPA of 9.0 and above and did not fail in any course.

First Class: First class shall be awarded to the Students who passed with CGPA of at least 7.0 and below 9.0 and did not fail in any course.

Pondicherry University Provisional and final degree certificates

If a student successfully secures minimum number of credits stipulated for the particular program and minimum CGPA, the University shall provide a provisional degree certificate and final degree certificate.


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