Parul University passing marks CGPA for the BTech Programmes

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Parul University passing marks CGPA for the BTech Programmes are given here:

Parul University passing marks CGPA for the BTech Programmes. Regulations for the BTech Programmes applicable from batch 2015 – 2016. These are Academic Rules and Regulations for BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY Programme Under Parul University.
Programmes offered

Four years (08 Semesters) Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) Programme

Attendance Rule

Students are required to have 75% attendance in each course for appearing in the end sem examination. However, the Dean is authorized to condone the shortage of attendance up to a maximum of 10% due to valid reasons. 

Parul University BTech Promotion Rules

A student in the first semester of the first year (not detained) will be allowed to keep term for his/her 2nd semester examination even if he/she appears and fails in all subjects or due to valid reason the student was unable to appear in the first semester examination. 

A student shall be allowed to be admitted in 3rd sem who is having Maximum 4 (Four) Backlogs in Semester 1 and 2 all together.

A student shall be allowed to be admitted in 4 to 8 semester who is having Maximum 3 (Three) Backlogs in Immediately preceding 3 semesters.


Each course in the programme shall be evaluated as follows

(a) Continuous Evaluation (CE) – 20 Marks.

The components for continuous internal assessment are : 

Weekly/ fortnightly class tests, assignments, problem solving, group discussions, quiz, seminar participation, presentations, debates etc 15 Marks 
Attendance  5 Marks
Total  20 Marks

(b) Mid Term Examination: 20 marks.

(c)End Semester Examination: 60 marks. 

(d) Continuous Evaluation (CE) in laboratory: 40% weightage as follows:

Parameters C E 
Day-to-day Laboratory Work & Attendance 20%
Submission of Laboratory Work/Journal 5%
Examination 15%

(e) End Semester Examination (ESE) in laboratory: 60% weightage as follows:

Parameters ESE
Lab Experiments/ Exercise 30%
Viva 20%
Record 10%

(f) (1) A student who fails in the internal evaluation is not allowed to appear in the End Semester Examination. Such students are required to complete the course during the subsequent semester/s by self study. During such semester: one internal examination of 20 marks and four assignments of 5 marks each (20 marks) total 40 marks by internal evaluation for which the student should score atleast 40 % to become eligible to appear in the ESE. 

(2) If a student fails either in ESE or ESE (practicals) or both, such students shall appear for supplementary examinations.

(g)Evaluation of Project:

Continuous Evaluation of the Project Work:  50 marks (two seminars of 25 marks each) and Project Report: 25 marks. 

Weightage of ESE: 100 marks.

Parul University Passing Marks


A student to be eligible for appearing in Semester End Examination shall score a minimum of 40% in (a) & (b) together.

A student should secure a minimum of 40% in End Semester Examination


A student should secure A minimum of 50% of marks shall be obtained in CE (Internal component) and ESE (External/Final component) separately

Project Work

A minimum of 50% of marks shall be obtained by the student in IE & ESE separately


 A student is detained and not allowed to appear for End Semester Examination (SEE) when 

  • The student does not have a minimum 75% attendance or 65% attendance with condonation in all subjects OR
  • The student has not secured a minimum of 40% of marks in Internal Examination (Mid-Term Examination plus CE) in each of the courses of Theory and/or for field work of that semester. 
  • Such a student is required to repeat the same semester/course in next academic year subsequently.

Parul University Award of Class/ Division

Parul university class system 

CGPA Scored Class
≥ 7.50 Distinction
6.50-7.49 First Class
5.50– 6.49 Second Class 
5.00-5.49 Pass 

Parul University conversion from CGPA to an equivalent percentage.

% Marks = (CGPA – 0.5) x 10% 

Parul University Grading System Marks Distribution BTech

Grade % Marks range Grade Point Description
A+ 90 and Above  10  Outstanding
A 80-89  Excellent
B 70-79  V. Good
B 60-69 Good
C+ 50-59 6 Above Average
C 40-49 5 Pass
F Below 40  0.0 Fail 

Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat

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