Palamuru University grading system M.Ed.

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Palamuru University grading system M.Ed.

 Regulations for Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Continuous Assessment System for Postgraduate Master’s degree courses in the Faculty of Education. Applicable from 2019-20

Programmes offered

M.Ed. course in the Faculty of Education

Eligibility for admission 

To qualify at the M.Ed. Entrance Examination conducted by the Palamuru University.

Scheme of Instructions 

M.Ed. Masters Degree programme is of 4 semesters (two years duration). Max duration for completion 8 semesters (four years)


Theory Paper

30% marks for internal continuous assessment

70% marks for semester end exam

The Dissertation work is assigned 6 credits and evaluated for 200 marks.

The Internship work is assigned 4 credits and evaluated for 200 marks.


a minimum of 75% attendance in each course. Exemption up to a maximum of 10% for valid reasons including medical issues.

Pass Marks

A candidate is required to secure at least 40% marks in a course after the semester end exam plus internal examination put together to pass a paper. There is no separate pass mark for internal assessment.

The pass marks in Dissertation/ Internship shall be 50%.

Improvement examination

Candidates who have passed in a theory paper/papers are permitted to appear again for theory paper/papers only once in order to improve his/her grade. Such candidates are permitted to appear for improvement examination only once in the next immediate semester examination only. Candidates will not be allowed to improve marks/grade in the internal assessment, Internship, seminars and Dissertation


Award of Division 

4 ≤ CGPA < 4.99 Pass

5 ≤ CGPA < 5.99 Second Class

6.0 ≤ CGPA < 6.99 First Class

7 ≤ CGPA < 10 First Class with Distinction

Palamuru University PU Choice Based Credit System  CBCS Marks Distribution

Grade % Marks range Grade Point
O 85-100 8.5-10
A 70-84 7.0-8.49
B 60-69 6.0-6.99
C 55-59 5.5-5.99
D 50-54 5.0-5.49
E 40-49 4.0-4.99
F < 40 4


Palamuru University, Mahbubnagar, Telangana

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