MG University Nalgonda PG Grading, pass marks attendance Rules and Regulations

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MG University PG Grading,  pass marks attendance Rules and Regulations applicable for the students admitted during the Academic Year 2016-2017

Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda, Telangana rules and regulations for the two Year postgraduate Programme of Faculties of Science, Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce and Business Management. w.e.f Academic Year 2016 – 17. The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is applicable to students admitted in Campus and Affiliated Colleges of Mahatma Gandhi University from the Academic Year 2016-2017.

MG University Duration and Programme of Study

The program duration is 04 semesters (02 years). Each academic year shall consists of two semesters. Max. duration is 08 sem (04 years)

MG University Attendance Rules

The candidate should have an  attendance atleast 75%. There is a provision for relaxation of attendance for the students who have attendance between ≥ 65% and < 75% due to  Medical Grounds on payment of a fee and submitting medical certificate

Absence up to 20 days per semester may be allowed for candidates participation in N.C.C/N.S.S Camps or inter collegiate or inter University or inter State or international matches or debates or educational excursions or such other inter University activities. 

A student who does not satisfy the requirements of attendance shall not be permitted to take internal assessment as well as the Semester end examinations.

MG University Grading System

The grading system table is given below for PG program:

Grade % Marks range Grade Point
O 85 to 100 10
A+ 70 to 84 9
A 60 to 69 8
B+ 55 to 59 7
B 50 to < 54 6
C 40 to 49 5
F <40 0

MGU Mahatma Gandhi University PG Evaluation Methods 

Theory Examinations

20% marks : continuous assessment (internal assessment/assignments)

80% marks : semester-end examination. 

The pass marks in each paper are 40%. There is no separate pass mark for internal assessment. A candidate is required to secure a minimum of 40% of marks in the semester-end examination + internal examination put together to pass a paper.

Practical Examination 

The pass marks for each practical paper shall be 50%. There shall be no internal assessment test for practical/laboratory work. 

MG University UG Rules of promotion

Following are the rules of promotion: 

Sl.No Semester/Class Promotion Criteria
1 From 1st Semester to 2nd Semester The student should have undergone a Regular Course of Study of Semester-I and registered* for the Semester-I examination.
  From 2nd Semester to 3rd Semester Undergone a Regular Course of study of Semesters-l and ll.and

The student must have secured at least 50% of credits prescribed for 1st semester & 2nd semester put together. Following shall be rule for backlogs:

    Number of papers/ subjects prescribed for Semesters-I & II Number of backlogs permitted 
    7/8 4
    9/10 5
    11/12 6
13/14 7
15/16 8
17/18 9
2 From 3rd Semester to 4th Semester Undergone a Regular Course of study of Semester-Ill and registered* for Semester- III examination.

 *Registration means obtaining a hall ticket for the said examination

Award of Divisions/ Distinction

The result of the successful candidates shall be classified as given here

First Division with Distinction CGPA from 9.00 to 10.00

First Division CGPA from 8.00 to 8.99

Second Division with 55% CGPA 7.00 

Second Division CGPA from 6.00 to 7.99

Pass Division CGPA from 5.00 to 5.99


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