MG University (MGU) Kottayam UG Grading System, passing marks attendance Rule

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MG University (MGU) Kottayam UG Grading System, passing marks attendance Rule applicable for the students admitted during the Academic Year 2017-2018

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala  Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) scheme rules and regulations for the three Year Undergraduate Programme  except for Professional and B.Voc. Programmes w.e.f Academic Year 2017 – 18. 

MG University (MGU) Duration of Programme of Study

The program duration is 06 semesters (03 years). Each academic year shall consists of two semesters. Student shall be allowed to complete the programme in a maximum 12 continuous semesters.

MG University Attendance Rules

Students should have a minimum of 75% average attendance for all the courses only can register for the examination. Condonation (Relaxation) of shortage of attendance to a maximum of 10 days in a semester may be granted by the University on valid grounds. This is subject to a maximum of 2 times during the whole period of the programme. This condonation shall not be counted for internal assessment. Benefit of attendance may be granted to students attending University/College union/Co-curricular activities by treating them as a present for the days of absence. This is applicable on production of participation/attendance certificates, within one week, from competent authorities and endorsed by the Head of the institution. This benefit is limited to a maximum of 10 days per semester and shall be considered for internal assessment also. Those students who are not eligible even with condonation of shortage of attendance are required to repeat the semester along with the next batch after obtaining readmission.  

MG University Scheme of Instruction and Examination 


The external theory examination of all semesters shall be conducted by the University at the end of each semester. Internal evaluation shall be done by continuous assessment. 

For all courses without practical total marks of external examination is 80 and total marks of internal evaluation is 20. 


The evaluation of each subject /paper shall contain two parts: 

(i) Internal or In-Semester Assessment (ISA) 

(ii) External or End-Semester Assessment (ESA) 

All papers (theory & practical), grades are given based on the total percentage of marks, (ISA+ESA) as given below:- 

MG University Grading System

The grading system table is given below for UG program:

Grade % Marks range Grade Point Performance
S 95 to 100 10 Outstanding
A+ 85 to < 95 9 Excellent
A 75 to < 85 8 Very good
B+ 65 to < 75 7 Good
B 55 to < 65 6 Above average
C 45 to < 55 5 Satisfactory
D 35 to <45 4 Pass
F < 35 0 Fail
AB   0 Absent 

MG University pass marks

The student is required to secure a separate minimum of 30% marks each for internal and external (for both theory and practical). The student is required to secure an aggregate minimum of 35% for a pass for a course

For a pass in a programme, The student is required to secure a separate minimum of Grade D for all the individual courses. 

Students who complete the programme with “D” grade will have one betterment chance within 12 months, immediately after the publication of the result of the whole programme. 



The Mahatma Gandhi University publishes rank list of top 10 candidates for each programme after the publication of 6th semester results. 

Rank certificate shall be issued to the students who secure positions from 1st to 3rd in the rank list. 

The students who secure positions from fourth to tenth in the rank list shall be issued position certificate indicating their position in the rank list. 


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