Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU) CBCS passing marks CGPA for PG & MPhil Courses

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Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU) CBCS passing marks grace CGPA for PG & M.Phil. Courses is given here.

Regulations for CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM (CBCS)  for all post graduate programs and M. Phil. programs conducted by Schools / Departments of the Madurai Kamaraj University applicable from batch 2010

Programmes offered

P.G & M.Phil. Programs for University Schools / Department

MKU PG Attendance Rule

The Minimum attendance required for each semester is 75%. Condonation (Relaxation) in shortage of lectures up to 10% will be allowed on medical grounds. The student is required to produce medical certificate. Further 5% relaxation shall be allowed on producing medical certificate and pay a penalty of Rs.500 for each paper. For attendance less than 60%, the student shall be required to repeat the semester.


Theory Paper

25% marks for internal assessment (IA)

75% marks for end semester exam (ESE)

Practical Paper

40% marks for internal assessment (IA)

60% marks for end semester exam (ESE)

MKU Passing Marks

There is no passing minimum for all internal evaluations. The evaluation of a student on each course is based on Continuous assessment and end-semester examination with maximum marks 40 and 60 respectively for theory courses. For Project Dissertation carries 50 marks, 25 marks for viva-voce and 25 marks for internal. The passing minimum is 50% in aggregate with minimum of 45% in the End semester examination.

The passing minimum is (45%) for the external evaluation is as follows:

Theory examination: 34 out of 75 marks

Practical exam: 27 out of 60 marks


MKU PG Award of Division 

On passing of the M.Phil. Programme a candidate will be declared to have passed the examination in the following categories.

Distinction: 80% and above

I Class : 60% and above but below 80%

II Class: 50% and above but below 60%

Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU) Grading System Choice Based Credit System  CBCS Marks Distribution for Postgraduate Degree programmes being run in the University Teaching Departments of the University.

Grade % Marks range (Theory)
O+ 95- 100
O 90- 94
D++ 85- 89
D+ 80- 84
D 75- 79
A++ 70-74
A+ 65- 69
A 60- 64
B+ 55- 59
B 50- 54
U 0- 49
AA Absent

U indicates “Reappear” in that course.

The marks obtained by the student in all the courses of each Part shall be combined by giving due weightage to each course so as to get an overall measure of his/her performance. For this purpose the mark obtained in a course will be converted to a numerical value known as Grade Point which is defined as

Grade Point = Actual Mark X 0.1

For instance, if the score is 85 then his Grade Point is 8.5


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