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KTU CREDIT BASED SYSTEM PASSING GRADE MARKS Rules & Regulations are applicable to the students admitted to B.E/ B.Tech. Programmes at all Engineering Colleges affiliated to APJ ABDUL KALAM TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY (Formerly Kerala Technological University), Kerala from the academic year 2017-2018.

KTU B.Tech degree programme follows a credit based system. The minimum duration for the student to complete the program is four academic years, spanning eight semesters. The maximum duration for a student to complete the programme is six academic years spanning twelve semesters. A student can get a B.Tech (Honours) Degree on meeting specific conditions.


  • 01 lecture hour per week for one semester = One credit
  • 01 tutorial hour per week for one semester = One credit
  • 01 laboratory/ practical session of 2 or 3 hrs, per week for one semester = One credit

The curriculum of any branch of the KTU B.Tech programme is designed to have 180 academic credits and 2 additional pass/fail credits.

The maximum number of credits a student can register in a semester is limited to 28.

KTU Academic Assessment/Evaluation

KTU follows a continuous academic evaluation procedure. It consists of

1) internal evaluation and

2) end semester examination.

Theory courses

The maximum marks for internal evaluation: 50

It is subdivided as follows

  • i) Two internal tests of 1-hour duration conducted by the college: 40 (20 marks for each test)
  • ii) Tutorials/Assignments/Mini Projects (Awarded Internally by the College): 10

The maximum marks for end semester examination: 100

Students who have missed any of the 1st or the 2nd test may be allowed to take a re-test with the prior approval. Students who have missed both the tests shall not be allowed to appear for the end semester examination.

Students who have missed both the tests due to some valid reason may be allowed for a single test of 40 marks.

Laboratory /Practical /Workshop courses

These marks will be distributed Internally by the College as follows

  1. For Practical records /Outputs 60 marks
  2. For Regular class Viva 10 marks
  3. For Final practical exam 30 marks

Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination may be organized at any time during the 6th semester. The comprehensive examination consists of two parts.

Part 1: a written test and will be objective type of 1-hour duration and will have 50 marks and will be conducted by the concerned department.

Part 2: an oral test. The oral examination will carry 50 marks.


Every student has to deliver a seminar on a professional topic of current interest in consultation with the faculty member in charge of the seminar in the Department. The seminar should be of 20 minutes duration with another 5 minutes given for questions and answers.

Distribution of marks for the seminar is as follows.

  • Marks for the report: 30%
  • Marks for the Presentation: 40%
  • Marks for the Ability to answer questions on the topic: 30%

Design Project

Every student or a group of students has to take up a design project on any current topic. The Evaluation of the project will be done in following two stages.

  1. Two project progress evaluations each carrying 20 marks i.e. 40 marks and
  2. A final report evaluation and presentation of the project for 60 marks.

Final Semester Project

Every student either individually or in a small batch not exceeding four, have to do a project. Work approved by their faculty supervisor. The project work should be started in the seventh semester.

The project work has to be evaluated as follows:

  1. Two progress assessments: 20% by the faculty supervisor/s
  2. Final Project Report: 30% by the Assessment Board
  3. Project presentation and Viva: 50% by the Assessment Board

Eligibility for appearing in the end semester examination

The students who fulfill the following criterion are eligible to appear in end semester examination

  1. The student should have minimum 75% attendance in each course,
  2. The student should have minimum 45% internal marks for each course and
  3. The student should have no pending disciplinary action.

Students who do not fulfill the above eligibility criteria shall get an FE grade and have to register for summer courses, if eligible or for the regular course again at the next opportunity.

Internal marks of the students who have secured 45% marks or more in the end semester examination shall be regulated in accordance with the performance in the end semester examination. Internal mark percentage should not exceed 25% over the end semester mark percent.

Example: if the end semester mark percentage is 45, then the maximum internal mark percentage should be 45+25 = 70 %.

If the student appears in the supplementary examination, the mark got in that will be taken into consideration for regulating the internal marks.

Those who have secured more than 45% marks in the end semester examination are awarded the grade, which shall be based on both internal assessment and end semester examination marks.

KTU Summer courses

Students who could not earn the required minimum credits at the end of the 2nd or 4th semester have two options to continue with the studies.

(a) They can register again for the courses when they are offered in the next academic year.

(b) The students who have failed in any course due to lack of eligibility can register for summer courses provided the attendance in regular course was above 50% and Internal Assessment marks were more than or equal to 35%. Make up test will be conducted for such students and IA marks will be revised on the basis of marks obtained in the makeup test. Students should have 75% attendance in the summer course and IA marks should be 45% or more to become eligible to write the examination

Summer courses will be conducted for a minimum of 20 contact hours for each course. Summer courses will be offered only at the end of the 2nd and 4th semesters for the courses covered till that semester.

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KTU grading system

KTU Grade ranges, Grade Points, and the distribution of marks is given below:

Percentage of Total Marks obtained in the course Grade Point (GP) Grades Remark
90% and above 10 O Outstanding
85% and above but less than 90% 9 A+ excellent
80% and above but less than 85% 8.5 A very good
70% and above but less than 80% 8 B+ good
60% and above but less than 70% 7 B above average
50% and above but less than 60% 6 C average
45% and above but less than 50% 5 P  pass
Less than 45% 0 F fail
Failed due to eligibility criteria 0 FE
Course Incomplete I

KTU promotion rules

A student should earn a minimum number of credits in a semester in order to register for the new courses offered in the next semester as given in the following table. Students who do not meet this requirement are not allowed to register for new courses in the higher semesters. These students should register for the failed courses in normal semesters in which they are offered.

KTU Year back rule

(a) There is no minimum credit requirement for promotion from an even semester to the next odd semester.

(b) If a student has no ‘FE’ grade in any course but got ‘F’ grade in some course(s), in such cases, he/she can continue his/her studies if the minimum credits required at the end of even semester is earned by him/her and pass the failed courses in supplementary examinations or the next regular examination. If he has not earned the minimum credits required, he/she has to break study for one academic year, earn credits without registering for the course and qualify for promotion to the next semester.

(c) If a student has got ‘FE’ grade in any course(s), he/she shall be allowed to register for the summer course, appear in the supplementary/ makeup examination and continue his/her studies if he/she secure the minimum credits required at the end of even semester for promotion. He/she can pass the failed courses in the next regular or supplementary examinations. If he/she has not got the minimum credits required, he/she has to break study for one academic year, secure credits without registering for the ‘F’ grade course(s). But he/she has to register for ’FE’ grade course(s), if any, and attend the regular classes along with the junior batch of students.

Break of Study

A student is allowed to have a break of study in following cases:

  1. If the student has met an accident or serious illness needing prolonged hospitalization and rest.
  2. If the student wants to initiate a start-up venture or develop a new product.
  3. If the student has any personal reasons that need a break in the study.

The maximum duration for completing the B.Tech programme will be twelve semesters including the period of break of study.

KTU Attendance Rules

The student should have minimum 75% attendance for writing the end semester examination in that course. Under unavoidable circumstances, students are allowed to take leave. If a student Undertake an activity outside the college covering sports and other extracurricular activities, leave is sanctioned to the student. Leave is also allowed on medical grounds or on personal emergencies. Leave of absence due to all these reasons is limited to 25% of the academic contact hours for the course.

The student suffering from long illness or major personal tragedies/contingencies the college; Principal can relax the minimum attendance requirement to 60%. The principal can format this for one or more courses registered in the semester. However, this relaxation is applicable only to any two semesters during the entire programme. In case of prolonged illness, break of study may be permitted.

KTU Grade Cards

In every semester, Students who have appeared in the end semester examination will be given the grade cards for the registered courses, by the respective colleges. On earning the required credits for the degree, a consolidated grade sheet for the B. Tech programme will be given by the KTU

KTU Revaluation and Grade Improvement

KTU has no provision for improving the grade. The students can get revaluation of answer scripts by remitting the requisite fee.

Classification of B.Tech Degree

B.Tech degree will not have any classifications like distinction or first class by KTU. At KTU no ranks shall be awarded.

KTU B. Tech. (Honours)

Accredited departments of the institutions which have min. two postgraduate programmes are allowed to offer B. Tech (Honours).

Students having a CGPA above 8 at the end of the fourth semester and does not have any credit arrears only are eligible for this option. As only selected institutions may have this provision, students cannot demand this or move later to an institute where this is available.

Students who have earned 12 additional credits shall be awarded B. Tech (Honours), if their CGPA at the end of the programme is 8 or higher.

KTU Award of Degree

A student shall be awarded of B.Tech Degree on satisfying the following requirements

  1. The student should have Earned credits for all core courses and the Project.
  2. The student should have Earned the required minimum credits as specified in the curriculum for the branch of study.
  3. The student should not have any pending disciplinary action.


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