KL University Betterment Process B.Tech. Courses

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KL University Betterment Process B.Tech. Courses

Betterment process is used towards improving the students’ grade in any course(s). Batterment can be done by either (a) re-appearing or (b) re-registering for the course.
a) If CGPA of a student is ≤ 6.75 than student may reappear for semester end examination only in the theory part of the course for improving the grade. If a student reappears in a course, the grade obtained in reappearance or the earlier grade whichever is better will be considered.
b) If the University permits, A Student can re-register in any course at any time before the completion of his/her program.

c) A student cannot reappear for semester end examination in courses like Industrial Training, Major Project, courses with their L-T-P Structure 0-0-X, Minor Project, Practice School and Term Paper.
d) If a student chooses betterment option to improve his grade than he / she ceases to be eligible for award of B.Tech. degree with Honors, B.Tech degree with First class and distinction.


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