KIIT University grading system for engineering and computer application

(Last Updated On: 01/11/2017)

KIIT UNIVERSITY GRADING SYSTEM FOR ENGINEERING & COMPUTER APPLICATION: Following are the rules and regulations for the grading system in Schools of Engineering & School of Computer Application effective from the academic year 2013-14:

Pattern of Evaluation
Evaluation of theory subject is having two parts
1. Internal Assessment 40% (Mid-semester exam 25%, Assignment & Quiz 15%)
2. End semester examination 60%

Evaluation of practical subject is having two parts
1. Continuous Assessment 60%
2. End Semester Exam 40%
Sessional: Assessment in the Class 100%



‘I’ grade: shows incomplete work.

KIIT University Promotion rule
A student shall be promoted to the next higher academic year; if he/she has less than 5 (five) back papers.

KIIT UNIVERSITY Attendance Rule: A student should have attendance at least 75% of the classes held in the subject.

Annual Supplementary Examination: KIIT University Supplementary examinations are held at the end of each Academic Session for the current level theory subject items only. Students with backlog subject items can appear for the annual supplementary examination. However, a student will be assigned one grade less than he/she actually obtains in the subject item in the supplementary examination with exception of “C and D” grades, which would remain the same.

Award of Degree: A student must obtain at least ‘D’ grades in all Theory, Practical and Sessional subject items individually and a CGPA of 6.0 or above for the award of degree.

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