Kerala University B tech grading system rules and regulations

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Kerala University B tech grading system rules and regulations 2013 are given below:


The candidate should have passed 12th class from any recognised board. The candidate should have scored Minimum 50% marks in physics, mathematics and Chemistry/ computer science/  biology/  biotechnology put together. The candidate should have scored at least 50% in mathematics separately.

The candidates having diploma engineering shall be given admission directly to the second year through lateral entry scheme.

Course duration

The duration of the B Tech degree course shall be of 4 academic years ( 8 semesters). Maximum duration allowed for completing the course is 5 years.

Procedure of evaluation

The evaluation of the candidate will be done through continuous assessment and end semester examination. The continuous assessment (CA) of the candidate should be done on the basis of everyday work, minimum 2 mid-semester examinations, and minimum 2 assignments. The distribution of continuous assessment marks should be as follows

kerala univ btech contineous assessment

The candidates having attendance 90% or more will be given full marks of attendance. The candidates having attendance less than 90% then their attendance marks will be reduced proportionately.

There will be end semester examinations at the end of first academic year (First semester + second semester combined) And at the end of the 3rd semester and subsequent semesters.

Kerala University B Tech grading system 2013

Students will be awarded letter grade corresponding to their total marks in the subjects. Kerala University B Tech letter grades are assigned grade points on a 10 point scale as given below:

kerala university grading system btech course

Kerala University B Tech  attendance, condonation, promotion rules

Minimum marks/  grading for passing:

For passing in semester examination the candidate should secure at least E grade in all the subjects of that semester and he should secure GPA of 5.5 or above.

Minimum passing grade  in an individual subject is E.

If a student scores in a subject below 40% in end semester examination or below 50% in the total mark (CA marks plus University exam marks) then he will be awarded ‘F’  letter grade.

Letter grade F will be given if continuous assessment marks are below 50% in a subject with no University end examination.

Grade and absolute marks both will be shown in the grade card.

University of Kerala B Tech grade improvement rules

Kerala University GPA and CGPA

How to calculate GPA CGPA in Kerala University B Tech 2013 scheme

Grade Point Average GPA is equal to the Sum of (grade points earned in a subject x the credits for the subject) divided by sum of credits of all the subjects of the semester. Mathematically,

kerala university gpa

Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA is equal to the Sum of GPA of all the semesters divided by sum of credits of all the semesters. Mathematically,

kerala university cgpa

Kerala University award of division and rank


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These rules and regulations may be amended at any time. Be in touch with official website of University of Kerala,  Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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