Kerala University B Tech attendance, condonation, promotion rules

(Last Updated On: 01/11/2017)

Kerala University B Tech  attendance rule 2013

The candidate will be allowed to appear in university and semester examinations subject to following conditions

  1. The Candidate should be physically present in minimum 50% of total working periods of each subject.
  2. Candidate should have attendance 75% or more of the total number of working periods including the duty leaves and should have physical presence for at least 60% of the total working period.

Kerala University B Tech Condonation of shortage of attendance

On Recommendation of the head of the institute, The vice chancellor  main grant condonation of shortage of attendance As given below

  1. Attendance of the student should not be less than 60% of the total working periods including duty leaves
  2. The shortage of attendance  will not be condoned more than twice during the  full course

Kerala university condonation form and fee
The candidate shall apply in the prescribed form 10 days prior to the commencement of exam. The condonation form must be forwarded by the principal of the institute with the statement of days of absence
Fee for shortage of attendance (Condonation)
i) upto 10 days Rs. 100
ii) between 10 and 20 days Rs. 200

Download Kerala University application form for condonation of shortage of attendance

Kerala University BTech Promotion rule

  1. Student will be able to register for 6th sem  exam only on passing first and the second semester combined examination fully
  2. Student will be able to register for 7th sem exam only on passing 3rd semester examination fully
  3. Student will be able to register for 8th sem exam only on passing 4th semester examination fully
  4. Student will get 3 supplementary chances to appear for each examination after the first appearance

The student who is not allowed To take the semester examination due to a shortage of attendance shall Repeat the semester at the earliest Opportunity offered This rule can be allowed only once for a semester.

If a student has not registered for examination of a particular semester he will not be allowed to enroll for next higher semester.

Kerala University B tech grading system rules and regulations

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