Karunya University (KU) Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

(Last Updated On: 01/11/2017)

Karunya University (KU) Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is applicable from 2013. The salient features are given below:

What is CBCS?

In Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) each student can achieve their target number of credits by using their choice both in terms of pace and sequence of courses.


The academic year is divided into 02 semesters and each semester normally should have 90 working days. For MBA program, the year is divided into three Trimesters and each trimester normally should have  60 working days.


Each course shall be assigned a credit rating:

  • One credit is assigned to one hour of lecture/ tutorial per week
  • One credit is assigned to 1.5 continuous hours of academic work per week in Laboratory / Workshop /Design/ Drawing.

Number of Credits per Semester

The number of credits that can be taken by a UG student during a regular semester is 25±2 and for a student in regular trimester pattern is 18±2. However in the final year of study the student can register for the remaining credits even if it is lesser than the average number of credits.


On completion of the semester letter grades, O, S, A, B, C, P and R are awarded to the student based on their total performance. These letter grades give quality of performance and also associated with grade points.

The assessment scheme consists of two parts:  continuous assessment and end semester examination.


Every student will be awarded Continuous assessment (CA) marks for Theory, Practical, Part-semester Project and Full-semester Projects. The continuous assessment is based on the sessional work which includes class tests, Internal examinations,  seminars, homework, assignments, term paper, course related projects, etc.


There will be End Semester examination for all the courses registered in a particular semester. A student is allowed to withdraw the end semester examinations once during a programme if,

  • The student fulfills the minimum attendance requirement
  • The student should not have failed in any course/ withdrawn even a single course earlier.
  • In such cases, the immediate next attempt will be considered as the first attempt.  The internal assessment of the withdrawn course may be carried forward.


(i) For THEORY courses the distribution of marks will be as given below

  • Continuous Assessment – 70
  • End semester examination – 30
  • Total – 100

End semester examination will be conducted for 100 marks and the marks obtained by the student will be converted appropriately for all level courses.

(ii) For PRACTICAL courses the distribution of marks will be as given below

  • Laboratory work – 60
  • Comprehensive Viva – 10
  • End semester examination – 30
  • Total – 100

A student will not be allowed to appear for end semester examination without the certified record book.

Karunya University Grading System

Following is the Karunya University (KU) Grading System. 

Karunya University (KU) minimum passing marks for course level 1 & 2 is > or = 45% and for course level 3 it is > or = to 50%

Relative Grading System

The letter grade and the grade point to each student studying a course are awarded based on the statistical parameters as given below:

Link Karunya University GPA, SGPA, CGPA details

Add/Drop Courses

A student can add to or drop any registered course as per notification given by the Office of the Academic Affairs. The ‘dropped’ courses are permitted to be taken in the subsequent semester.


  1. A student who wants to improve his/her grade can re-register for that particular course whenever it is offered.
  2. Re-registration fees to be paid is Rs.5000/- per course.

Link Karunya University continuous assessment details

Karunya University Attendance

A student should secure not less than 80% of class attendance (OD and ML corrected) and 80% of assembly attendance in a semester.

A student should maintain a physical attendance of 70%, only after which, the attendance correction for official duty (OD) and medical leave (ML) will be considered at the end of the semester.

Students who do not fulfill the attendance requirement will not be permitted to write the end semester examination. Such students are required to repeat the incomplete semester in the next academic year.

For latest update visit www.karunya.edu


The rules and regulations mentioned at this website are subject to change without any prior notice. Some of the rules and regulation have given here just for the information of students and parents which may not be full and final. The updated rules and regulation are available from the university website. This website is not responsible for any consequences arising from the interpretation or use of such rules or change in rules of the university/institute. The readers of this website are advised to read all the rules from respective website of the university/institute.

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