Integral University Division, Rank, Grace Marks

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Integral University Division, Rank, Grace Marks are as follows:

Integral University conversion of CGPI into percentage of marks

Numerical percentage will be calculated by the following formula.

y = 6.9 * x + 22

Where y is percentage & x is CGPI

Integral University award of division

The division awarded will be based on the CGPI which can be converted into numerical percentage.

The division will be awarded as under:

  • First Division (Honours) 75% and above
  • First Division 60% and above
  • Second Division Less than 60%

Award of rank

Ranks/Positions will be determined at the end of even semesters. Only those students

who fulfill the following conditions will be eligible for ranks/positions:

(i) They do not have any break in their studies;

(ii) They have passed every scheduled course in first attempt;

(iii) They have passed every course on time as per the curriculum;

(iv) They have earned credits as per the schedule given in the curriculum;

(v) They have not improved grade in any course after passing the course.

The students who violate any of the above conditions will not be awarded any rank/position. The ranks/positions will be determined on the basis of CPI.

Integral University Grace Marks

A candidate may be awarded grace marks up to a maximum of total 10 marks distributed in maximum four subjects including theory papers, Practical, project, seminar, industrial training and/or aggregate marks in each academic year provided he/she can be declared to have passed the academic year by the award of these marks.

The grace marks shall not be added to the aggregate marks.

No grace marks shall be awarded in carry over / re-back/special back examinations.

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