Hindustan University GPA and CGPA

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Hindustan University GPA Grade Point Average and CGPA Cumulative Grade Point Average: Hindustan University GPA Grade Point Average is the ratio of the sum of the product of the number of credits Ci of course “i “ and the grade points Pi earned for that course taken over all courses “i” registered by the student to the sum of Ci for all “i ”. The formulae is given below:


Hindustan University GPA and CGPA

Hindustan University CGPA Cumulative Grade Point Average can be found in a similar manner, in any semester, considering all the courses enrolled from the first semester onwards.

Subjects with letter grade RA, RI and U will not be included in the computation of GPA and CGPA until those grades are converted to the regular grades.

A student who earns RA grade in a core course (CF/PC/PE) is required to repeat the course compulsorily when the course is offered in the subsequent semester(s) along with the regular students.

A student getting a U or RA or RI grade in an elective course (EE/OE) may repeat the same course to get a successful grade. The student can also opt for another equivalent EE/ OE if he/she so desires. In such case, the student is required to attend the course work and undergo all assessment procedures in the subsequent semester for earning credits. 

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The student can not register for more than three RA / RI courses up to VI semester and five RA / RI courses in VII semester. However, this restriction does not apply for VIII semester, subject to the availability / offering the course by the department. 

The assessment procedure for the RA/RI courses will be similar to the regular courses in a semester. A course successfully completed cannot be repeated

A student has completed a course successfully and earned credits if he/she secures a letter grade other than U or RA or RI in that course. A letter grade U shows failure in the course. A letter grade RA or RI in any course indicates incompletion of that course



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