Gujarat University (GU) CBCS passing marks CGPA for the UG – BSc Programmes

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Gujarat University (GU) CBCS passing marks CGPA for the UG – BSc Programmes details are given here.

Gujarat University (GU) CBCS passing marks CGPA for the UG – BSc Programmes

Regulations for CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM (CBCS)  for the UG – BSc Programmes applicable from batch 2011 – 2012

Programmes offered

Three years (Six Semesters) B Sc Programme


Mathematics Statistics Physics Chemistry Botany Zoology Geology Computer Science Electronics Biochemistry Microbiology Biotechnology *Fashion & Apparel Design Environmental Sciences *Fire & Safety 

Attendance Rule

Students are required to have 75% attendance in each course for appearing in the examination. Students having attendance 74% to 65% shall apply for condonation in the prescribed form with the prescribed fee (Rs.100/Corse). Students having attendance 64% to 50% shall apply for condonation in prescribed form with the prescribed fee along with the Medical Certificate. Students having attendance below 50% are not eligible to appear for the examination  

Promotion Rules

i. Examinations shall be conducted at the end of each semester. 

odd semesters in the month of October / November; 

even semesters in April / May. 

A candidate who does not pass the examination in any course(s) shall be allowed to appear in such failed course(s) in the subsequent examinations to be held in October / November or April / May. 

ii. A student of First Semester shall be admitted in the Second Semester, if the student has successfully kept the term in first semester.

In order to move in the Third Semester, a student has to clear all Credits of first semester. 

In order to move in the Fourth Semester, a student has to clear all Credits of second semester. 

In order to move in the Fifth Semester, a student has to clear all Credits of third semester.

In order to move in the Sixth Semester, a student has to clear all Credits of fourth semester.

For the movement in the said semester as described above, the candidate must have satisfactorily kept the term of the previous semester. 

Scheme of Instructions 

The BSc Programme is for a period of three years. Each academic year shall comprise of two semesters   A candidate can avail a maximum of 12 Semesters (6 Years), in a continuous stretch of 6 Years from the date of admission to complete Bachelor’s Degree

The total minimum Credits, required for completing a BSc programme is 150. The total programme consists of 150 credits equally divided into 25 credits per semester. 


Theory Paper

30% marks for continuous internal assessment (CIA)

The components for continuous internal assessment are : 

One Tests  15 Marks (Second / repeat test for genuine absentees) 
Assignments  5 Marks
Seminar / Quiz  5 Marks
Attendance  5 Marks
Total  30 Marks

Attendance shall be taken as a component for continuous assessment

70% marks for end semester exam (ESE)

The evaluation of laboratory component, wherever applicable, will also have continuous internal assessment (CIA) and on an end semester practical examination. 

GU Passing Marks

The Gujarat University BSc passing minimum marks for CIA (Continues Internal Assessment) shall be 36% (i.e. 11 marks). Failed candidates in the Internal Assessment are allowed to improve their Internal Assessment marks (02 chances) in the subsequent semesters by writing test and by submitting Assignments. 

The passing minimum marks for University End Semester Examinations shall be 36% (i.e. 25 marks) 


Gujarat University BSc Award of Class/ Division

gujarat university class system 

Letter Grade CGPA Scored Class
O+ 8.5-10 First Class With Distinction
O 7.0-84.99 First Class With Distinction
A 6.0-6.99  First Class 
B+ 5.5-5.99  Higher Second Class 
B 4.8-5.49  Second Class
C 3.6-4.79  Pass Class
D Below 3.6 -o.o  Dropped or Fail 

Gujarat University conversion from CGPA to an equivalent percentage. 

The SGPA and CGPA shall be calculated separately for the following three parts: 

Part I: ECs; Elective Courses 

Part II: FCs Foundation Courses and 

Part III CCs, SECs.  Core Courses(CCs), Subject Elective Courses (SECs)

For each of these three parts, there shall be separate classification on the basis of CGPA.  A candidate to have qualified in the First class /Second class /Pass class or First class with Distinction, the marks and the corresponding CGPA earned by the candidate in Part III alone will be considered. It is required that the student has secured the prescribed passing minimum in ECs and FCs. 

It is also required that the candidate should have scored the First/Second Class separately in both the grand total and end Semester (External) examinations. 

Grade in Part IV Extension and Extra Curricular Activities shall not be taken into account for classification and shall be shown separately. 

Gujarat University (GU) Grading System Choice Based Credit System  CBCS Marks Distribution

Grade % Marks range Grade Point performance
O+ Above 85  8.5 – 10.0  Outstanding
O 70 – 84..99  7.0 – 8.49  Excellent
A 60 – 69.99  6.0 – 6.99  V. Good
B+ 55 – 59.99  5.5 – 5.99  Good
B 48 – 54.99  4.8– 5.49 Fair
C 36 – 47.99  3.6 – 4.79 Average
D ( Dropped)  Below 36  0.0 Dropped or Fail 

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