Gondwana University (GUG) BTech Calculation of SGPA and CGPA

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Gondwana University (GUG) BTech Calculation of SGPA and CGPA 

Regulations for CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM (CBCS)  for BTech degree course applicable from batch 2017-18


Credit is a weightage given to a subject/ course depending on number of hours given for paper in a semester.

Grade Letter 

Grade Letter is a measure of performance of a student in a subject depending on percentage of actual marks secured by a student in a paper. 

Grade Point

 It is a number from 0 to 10 allotted to grade letter

Credit points

Grade point multiplied by Credits of a subject

Gondwana University (GUG) B Tech Calculation of SGPA and CGPA


Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA)

SGPA(Si)= (Ci x Gi)/ Ci] 

Where ci is the number of credits of the ith course and 

Gi is the grade point scored by the student in the ith course

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

The Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) shall be calculated for the Program and shall be evaluated as mentioned below: 

CGPA=(C7 x S7 + C8 x S8)/(C7 + C8) 

Where, S7 is the SGPA of the 7 th Semester, 

S 8 is the SGPA of 8 th Semester; 

C7 is the total credits in 7 th semester.

C8 is the total credits in 8 th semester.

How to convert GUG cgpa into percentage?


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