GLA University Grading system

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GLA University Grading system for UG and PG courses applicable from session 2015 -16 is explained here.

The GLA University is following a semester system in all the courses of UG & PG. For MBA the university follows a trimester system. For Diploma in pharmacy, the University follows the annual pattern.

The University follows the credit system except in bachelor of education and diploma in pharmacy.

GLA University max. duration of programs

The maximum period allowed to complete degree requirements is given here: For 4-year degree and full time doctoral Programs – Seven Years, For 3-year degree/ diploma Programs – Five Years, For 2-year degree/ diploma Programs – Four Years and for 1-year degree/ diploma Programs – Two Years

Registration of students

All students should register in each semester/ trimester for the courses to be pursued by them, as per the Program, on the dates given in the Academic Calendar of the university.

Late Registration: If a student is unable to register on the day of registration due to any valid reason, he/she can register on the last registration day specified in the academic calendar on payment of the late registration fee.

GLA University evaluation of performance

(a) Courses: It shall be a continuous process based on the performance of students in the mid-semester, quizzes, short tests, assignments, and the end-semester exams.

(i) Theory Courses in Semester System

The evaluation of theory courses will be done through two mid-semester examinations and one end-semester examination.

  • Each mid-semester examination: 20 marks,
  • The end-semester examination: 40 marks.
  • Quizzes and assignments: 15 marks
  • Attendance: 5 marks

(ii) Laboratory Courses

Each laboratory class/ practical conducted will be assessed by the course teacher based on the work done during the class, submission of the report, and understanding of the work done. There may be an examination at the end of semester. The total marks (100 marks) at the end of the semester will be sum of the marks awarded in all the experiments conducted.

b) Summer Training, Project, Seminar etc. Summer Training, Project, Seminar, and other learning oriented activities shall have associated credits as stated in the Program details.

(c) Attendance requirement

The attendance of the student should be a minimum of 75% of the classes scheduled/ held.

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GLA University Credits and Grade System


One lecture hour per week per semester/trimester = 01 credit.

One tutorial hour or one practical hour per week = 1/2 credit.

Letter Grades

Students shall be awarded letter grades “D‟ and above provided they have secured at least 24 marks out of 80 marks (30% marks) of regular mid- and end-semester examinations in a regular semester. In summer semester it is 35% when no classes were held.

The letter grades based upon the overall marks obtained in a course shall be as follows:

F grade: Students who have secured “F‟ grades will have to repeat the course in the summer term or as and when offered.

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Grade ‘I’:  This grade is awarded to a student who has missed, for the genuine reason, to complete a minor part (quiz, assignment, presentation). The student must have done satisfactorily in all other parts. The “I‟ grade must, however, be converted into an appropriate letter grade through completing the missed work or an alternative makeup exercise assigned by the faculty by the last date specified in the academic calendar. Any outstanding “I‟ grade after this date shall be automatically converted into the respective letter grade based on marks obtained in other components.

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