GLA University calculation of SPI and CPI

(Last Updated On: 15/11/2017)

SPI and CPI describe the performance of a student.

SEMESTER PERFORMANCE INDEX (SPI): It is the weighted average of the grade points earned by a student in all the courses he registered for in a semester. If the grade points are denoted by g1, g2, g3,…….gk etc. and the corresponding credits are c1, c2, c3,.…, the SPI shall be given by:

I, S and U grades shall not be considered in the computation of SPI.


The Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) gives the overall academic performance of a student upto and including the latest completed semester/ summer term. It is computed in the same manner as the SPI, considering all the courses (say, n), and is computed as follows:

Where TC is total credits of m semesters, and j is number of semesters completed.

If a student is permitted to repeat or substitute a course, and the student secures a better grade, then better grade obtained shall replace the old letter grade in the computation of CPI.

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