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Transcripts are required to submit transcripts to foreign universities, immigration authority or employer. Transcripts verify the equivalency of candidate’s education with the education of host country .

A transcript is a summary of academic record of a student which includes all courses taken, all grades and marks received in all the semesters along with details of the scoring system and the details of the Institute and University.


We are explaining here about how to get transcript from AKTU / UPTU Lucknow. Transcripts can be obtained from the campus of AKTU / UPTU Lucknow.

Download transcript form AKTU / UPTU Lucknow.


Get Transcript Format here also.

Take a printout of the format and fill it carefully. Take a printout of filled in form. Keep soft copy of filled in form with you in a pen drive.

Make a set of photocopies of mark-sheets of all 4 years i.e. eight semesters. Keep original mark-sheets with you.  Keep with you printout of the page of university (where it is mentioned that transcript is needed) where you want to apply.

Visit campus of AKTU on the following address:


I.E.T Campus, Sitapur Road, Lucknow, U.P, India

Pay Transcript Fee

Go to the bank in the campus and deposit Rs. 200/- (for first copy) and Rs. 150/- each for subsequent copies through Challan / Deposition Form. If you require 10 copies of transcript then deposit Rs. 1550/-. Get the confirmation slip.

Write down application requesting for the transcript mentioning your university roll no., purpose, number of transcript etc. The application is to be addressed to The Registrar, AKTU.

Submit your application, photocopies of marks-sheet and fee deposition confirmation slip between 11.00 to 1.00 PM. Office staff will require soft-copy of transcript in a pen drive. You will get transcripts by the evening.


Application for getting AKTU UPTU Degree, Marksheet, Migration, Transcript, PDC is to be made online only. See notice here 

Apply online here (AKTU Student Dashboard)

Click on ‘students services (web)’

You can also download the android web application.

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  1. Dear candidates,
    I today visited aktu and got transcripts in same day, though process is time consuming.
    Try to reach early at univ gate. Concerned lady was available at I went straight to her office as told by security. Her assistnce checked my marksheets do carry originals , letter to registrar, transcripts in pendrive. Having checked, puched all together and writing to make payment, you will be sent to make payment in ground floor.( staff at the payment room is world’s most careless and unprofessional) typical govt type.
    After making payment u will go back to same room on 1st floor and then comes

    • Hi, I am currently in 4th year of Mechanical Engineering. I will pass the course in June 2018.

      Can I get the Transcript as of now as I need to apply to universities abroad for MS

    • Hi Chandan

      Can you please send me a soft copy of the transcript from APJ Abdul Kalam university. I just received my transcripts.Please tell if university mentions some serial no. of transcript or not as my transcript has no serial no. only signature and stamp of assistant registrar is there.

  2. hey, can you please share the format of a transcript form?
    i do have the transcript format but i was the form

  3. Hello Everyone,

    I have completed my Btech in 2008 and after that I came to USA for higher studies. my concern is do I need to be present in the university for the transcripts or any one can apply it on my behalf,and is it compulsary to bring orignal maksheet or photocopies of my marksheets are good.

  4. As university has come up new campus so do we still need to reach out to address given in this article for getting transcripts or now do we need to go to new campus for issue of transcripts. I am planning to visit next 2 days so please let me know, the information from where we will get transcripts issues isn’t given anywhere else.
    thanks for the help.

  5. I visited the AKTU this week and for students passed out before 2010 procedure is still to visit there personally and apply in person.

    • Hi Mike,

      What about the address?Is it the same that is mentioned above or is it the new one as written in the sample transcript.Sector 11 Janki Puram extension?

  6. Hi Mike,

    Which address we have to visit to get the transcripts? Also, do they give transcript in seal envelope and the transcripts are attested and sealed by the university as well? Actually, I have a requirement where I need to ask UPTU to send my transcript directly to an institute in the USA and other countries. Is it possible online? I am 2006 batch pass out. Or I have to go or anyone else on behalf of me can do this? Please advise.

    • Hey Chitz,

      Did you get clarity on your doubts mentioned above? I too am not in a position to visit the university campus and also passed out in 2006. Please reply.

      • This forum is full of deaf and selfish people.They keep fluttering to get their queries answered asap.Once they get their solution,they don’t turn back where so many needy people seek their help.

        FYI,I am also 2006 passed out.I visited AKTU last Wednesday for Transcript because their Online process is meant for those who passed out after 2010.Before 2010 it’s all manual.One has to visit AKTU in order to get transcripts.Also they don’t give it instantly and take time of a week.

        I was also in the same situation like yours.I live in Delhi and Lucknow is very far flung and unfamiliar place to me.I also tried to search for all possible ways by which I can get Transcripts without visiting Lucknow but ultimately I had to go.So please get mentally prepared for it and try to do it asap.The sooner you do it, the better.Also don’t rely on Online service providers.They all look fraudsters.

        First of all visit here:

        Download the Sample Transcript and key in all your information like name,branch,roll number and marks etc.Also make sure that the correct information with percentage criteria is there in the MicroText of the University Ordinance. Check it double,triple, quadruple times to make sure that everything is in place and Indentation,Allignment and font size is matching.Then take it in Pen drive.Better backup that in 2 pen drives.Also keep one copy in your e mail for safety.

        Keep these Documents handy and properly organized in a folder or Pouch:

        1.) A hand written and signed letter to Registrar stating why you need transcripts.(Put all your academic and all your contact info)
        2.) Better if you can provide the letters/screenshots (from the Universities where you have applied) which states the need of Transcripts for their admission process.They might ask for it.
        3.) Clear Photo copies of all semester mark sheets and degree.
        4.) One identity proof (Example: Passport or Aadhaar Photo Copy etc).

        Carry all your originals with you in case they ask to show.They will ask if the transcript belongs to you or on behalf of someone else you are applying.Answer accordingly.

        Imp: Carry your Debit Card for Fee payment.First Copy costs 250 Rs after that 150 Rs per copy + Postage charge.It all depends on how many copies are required. It would be wise to ask for 4-5 extra copies coz it’s not easy to commute again and again if more copies are required.

        Now how to reach:

        It’s very strange that the new campus is so big and look snazzy but you won’t get the exact where abouts of this place anywhere on the net.Even if you put the destination in Ola / Uber app,it will confuse you by showing 4-5 Sectors where AKTU is situated.So before leaving for AKTU Lucknow,I was in a fix about where I am going.I had no clear address.

        It all depends on what mode of transportation you are taking:

        By Air,you need to land at CCS Airport Lucknow.From there take cab to University.

        By Train: Alight the train at Char Bagh Railway station.There are many good trains,but instant reservation is a big issue.From char Bagh you can get Ola/Uber/Auto/Bike Cabs.
        Even Shared Autos are available for a place called Kapurthala or IET Engineering Collage Chauraha near Ali Ganj.From there Battery or E- Rikshaw goes Directly to AKTU Campus.

        By Bus (For Instant commute though 8-10 hours journey via Yamuna Express Way):
        Many Luxury Buses are available from Anand Vihar Bus Stand Delhi to Char Bagh Lucknow and after alighting the bus, see the options I have mentioned above, post train journey.Same applies here too.

        Reach university before 9:30 AM.Guard at the gate will give you a Token Slip to fill.Write your name,Mobile number,Address,E mail Id.,Purpose of visiting.Then he will give a serial number on the top.That’s the serial number on which your turn will come to meet the concerned authority.

        They won’t allow you to enter the Campus before 9:30 AM.Once you enter,you will have to go to student’s cell,the building straight in front of the main gate.You’ll have to wait from 10 AM to – 10:30 AM or more until the staff arrives.You will see so many current and ex students around you for their works.Most of them will be mainly form out side Lucknow.

        Once the staff is in,the guard will start calling token numbers like: Serial number 1-10 make a queue and go inside.

        Keep your documents and Debit Card ready.Once your turn comes,go to the concerned authority.If you don’t know who he/she is,don’t worry ask any body,they will redirect you to the correct counter.

        Tell your matter,handover those documents.He will check them and ask how many copies you want.Tell him.He will write it on those documents and also write the amount to be paid and will tell you to go to the payment counter in the same hall. Give those documents to that person.Pay with your Debit card and he will attach one receipt with those documents and will return one receipt copy to you.Keep it safe as that’s the only one acknowledgement you will get.Better take its photo copy or take a pic by mobile as the ink of such slip happen to be very fragile,it fades away very fast.You will have to enter your Roll Number,Name, E-mail Address, and Purpose.

        Return back to the main person and show the slip and documents.He will ask for the transcript you have drafted in your pen drive.Give it to him and he will copy it in his system.He will make you write your Address and Mobile number on the envelope attached to those documents.They won’t provide it to you hand in hand instantly. Once you are done with all submissions,he will tell you the average expected time within which it will arrive at the address given by you. Usually one week.

        So that’s pretty much it.

        Friendly suggestion as I too was in the same situation: Better not waste time waiting for any miracle to happen which will save you from commuting to Lucknow. It’s better you accept this asap.Plan it fast and get out of the maddening chaos.

        Yes you can send someone on your behalf with all these documents.

        Hope this will help you as well as many others in the similar situation.

        • Thanks Ashish for this very useful information.

          Can you please also tell me ?, how i can mention the Grace Marks in Transcript format, because there is no column present to mention this.

          • Jai,

            Pleasure is all mine!!
            Honestly I do not have any idea about this case.In all the AKTU/UPTU Sample Transcripts samples, available on the net, there is nothing specifically mentioned for Grace marks.If you see the sample transcript then you will find that on the header (dark grey colored section) of each Semester / Years Marks table, a line is written “* Marks obtained in carry over paper(s)”. Had it been a mandatory thing to be mentioned then they would have given a section or any kind of guideline for it. Hence it seems that it’s not worth mentioning.

            Better take the transcript draft with you (that you have to carry anyway because they will ask for it) in a pen drive and while handovering the pen drive,tell the person about how to mention Grace marks or does it needs to be mentioned?
            He will clear your query then and there and will edit it accordingly as he checks it thoroughly before copying and pasting in his system.
            They do listen, so don’t worry you will get your solution then and there itself as hardly one or two students come for Transcripts and that too in random days. Hence you will have enough time to discuss and unlike other typical Government Bureaucrats, they talk sense and in quite normal way. That’s good thing I surprisingly got to see in the new campus. 🙂

            Good Luck.

          • Hi Jai,

            Did you find any solution for mentioning grace marks in a transcript.

            Plz let me know, as i am having same situation here.

        • Appreciate your kind help and detailed info Ashish.

          Best point you mentioned is that we can send someone on our behalf…

          • My pleasure Kunal.

            Sorry for late reply.

            Yes with all the originals and their photocopies mentioned in my main reply above along with the hand written letter you need to provide an Authority letter also stating that you have given this person the authority of submitting (on your behalf) your application with supporting documents to get your Transcripts.

            Good luck 🙂

        • Thanks a ton Ashish. You have saved so much time for so many of us.
          My problem is I have already paid fee to Mail Transcripts. I do not stay in India and its not possible for me to fly down to Lucknow. Have you come across anybody who received his/her AKTU transcript from Mail Transcripts?
          If not, what is your suggestion in my case?

        • Hello Ashish,

          Many thanks for the detailed explanation. This helps a lot in painting a picture in our heads.

          Can you please help me with below two questions:

          1) I am 2010 passout- which one applies to me- Personally going to lucknow campus Or applying online?

          2) WES has now started process (effective 1st December 2018) to receive documents directly from universities/institutions, will UPTU directly send transscripts to the desired address?

          Thanks a lot for your help,

        • Hi Ashish

          Thanks for all info !
          Need one clarification
          These days WES asked Univ to send the transcripts directly to WES address !!
          Now – how could we ask the AKTU to do that – since they will send the transcript copy to us – but its not valid from wes point of view and WES need transcripts from the Univ post office only

          Request answer

  7. a great help from ur side ashish..

    well,their is one doubt though which i guess u could me out.. i got cleared with my mba course but the issue is coming when ever i see my marksheet some of the past student who didnt cleared the course is still appearing on mine … how could i resolve it.. u know if i go with such marksheet having someone else details plus who didnt clear even shows a negative impact .. can u please help me out.

    • Thanks Ashish

      I believe this is something related to some online portal right? Is that some electronic credential,which I am not aware of as I am 2006 passed out.

      Actually,I have real experience of Transcript process only as I had to get it and hence I went there and followed the whole process I have mentioned above.

      In your case all could say is that I met so many guys there with their own issues.Most of them were there for correction of their results and correct result updations. I believe your case too somehow falls in the same category. All I can suggest is that you should visit there.Please read my main reply for the locations esp for Student’s Cell.This is place in the campus where you have to reach following the steps I have mentioned there. hen your turn will come,you’ll have to meet the counselor sitting at the corner of the room.He is the first point of contact. You’ll have to tell him the problem and he will instantly send you to the concerned authority within the same hall.

      Fisrt you need a hand written letter to the Registrar or Controller of Examination (whichever applicable here) stating your problem. Attach all the evidence for it,preferably with screenshots (if it online) else photocopies. Provide all the supporting documents.A fee would have to be paid (the same person will tell you how much).In the same hall counter you’ll have to pay it and will have to fill in your details in the register there.Like your name,contact info,mail id and purpose. Collect your receipt and keep it safe.
      Get back to the same person and handover everything to him.He will give you the ETA. They won’t do this instantly. A few guys having such problem were talking among themselves that they take 5-7 working days to fix such issues.

      I am sorry I couldn’t give you 100% precise info like I gave for transcript as result discrepancy was not my issue.However I have given you fair idea of what you can do. See for even straight forward and simple things like transcripts and attestation they don’t entertain alumni with online processing provision then this is quite a complicated thing.So you will have to visit there and get it resolved. Good thing is that there is no corruption now.Everything is transparent.They do listen students’ grievances.But instantly you won’t get resolution.They take time of 5-7 working days but do it positively once you have handovered them everything required.Everything is highly accountable.

      Hope this will help you.

      Good Luck.

  8. Hey,

    I visited the University around 23 days before, I have done all the formalities completed there and they said you will get it on your given address by courier but uptil now i have not received my courier, I am waiting and dont know to whom I should contact, can you please help me what to do now? I want the transcripts ASAP, they told that you will get it within 15-20 days but still i have not received it, I am staying in Bangalore I can’t visit university again and again.

    Please help me what to do.

    • Hi,

      23 days is quite a long time.They do not courier Transcripts rather send it through registered mail/post. I have heard from Post 2010 passed outs,who are eligible for online application of Transcripts,that AKTU takes 25-30 days to send it. But as you have mentioned in your query that you visited University 25 days back,I guess you are Pre 2010 passed out and applied manually. Usually Transcript’s delivery takes a week to 10 days time in Northern regions.Not sure about expected delivery time,if you gave your Bangalore address as it could take some more time but not more than 15 – 20 days max as it includes printing,stamping and dispatching work too. Hence you should contact them. But the problem is that they do not pick the phone.I had tried enormous times before going there on the numbers given on their website. Either full rings goes unpicked or they say “number is temporarily out of order”. Don’t know what’s the situation now.Also they don’t have any mail address where you can mail them.

      All I know is that Mr Amar Bahadur is the concerned authority for Transcripts. He is the same person to whom you had handovered your letter,documents and soft copy of transcript.He is the one who sits at 3rd or 4th counter(Left to Right) just in front of the door of the student’s cell.

      If you can’t go there as you said you are in Bangalore,you can send somebody who lives nearby or in Lucknow,on your behalf (if possible). If possible then send the person the pic of the debit card swipe receipt you had got after fee payment because that’s the only acknowledgement you have for all you submitted there. Person can show it to the officials.Make sure you give the person (going on your behalf) all the details like when you visited (Date),purpose(Transcript) and the time of visit.They will refer the register at the payment counter of the cell where you had entered your details and time and then they can tell the current status.

      I know how it feels when you are waiting anxiously for something and it takes time to arrive. Bad thing is that this University do not provide any online support.But I would suggest you to try enormous time to call them after 10 AM on working days,if someone picks the phone by fluke then tell them to connect you with Mr. Amar Bahadur regarding Transcripts related query. Else if it is possible then try sending someone on your behalf as I mentioned above to meet the above mentioned officer.

      May you get your Transcripts ASAP.
      Good Luck.

  9. thanks dear.. i will first get to my college if they have any process regarding it or else i need to come aktu only, as far as u told me ,it take almost 5-7 working days… i am thinking first i need to change this fault then after i need to apply for transcript .. quite hectic..

    but anyways. thanks for help

  10. Hello ,

    Im helping one of my family friend who complete MBA 2002 DEWAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, MEERUT . We need transcript to be sent to WES Canada ive been going up ans down , round and round on university website but got nowhere. Please suggest me if that is even possible for University to send transcript to WORLD EDUCATION SERVICES Canada. Do i have manually edit transcript for MBA get it sign and sealed by university .

    • There was no need of transcripts to be sent to WES.Do read the rules in Candidate’s WES profile. Transcript is itself a full fledged procedure(The manual edit of Transcript thing that you have mentioned in your question) and WES procedure is different from it.
      2 years back,WES process was straight and simple.In the WES Candidate profile they clearly mention what documents are required and how they want it .It was like, get all the Marksheets and Degree attested by the Registrar.Get all those attested papers placed in a big envelope as they didn’t give University Envelope at that time.(I believe they will provide it now). Get them stamped at 3 places on the flaps of the envelope (They know it as that’s the international standard just like in case of Transcripts).


      1.) Take clear photo copies of all Semester Marksheets and Degree.
      2.) Get an Authority letter from the one who needs WES credentials.
      3.) A hand written letter to the Registrar regarding the requirement.

      Regarding how to go,where to go,whom to meet,please refer the main answer by me above.For these kind of works,Student Cell AKTU is the place to visit.(Everything is written above)

      4.) Pay the fee.It was around 250 Rs per set at that time.Enter your details in the register there.(Everything is written in my main answer above).
      5.) Handover the photocopies,letters and payment receipt to the officer. He will ask for originals to check for the authenticity of the documents right there and then he will tell you to come at 4:30 PM to take it.
      6.) Better start going there at 4:00 PM as they start working on post atestation work only when you remind and ask them if the work is done.He will put the stuff inside it and will seal the envelope.(Better see if he has kept each and everything inside it). Then he will stamp it and take an undertaking from you that you have received all what you had applied for.

      Good thing about WES is that this all work takes only one day unlike Transcripts which takes a week or 10 days to arrive at your address.

      Note: In Candidate’s WES profile, rules are always written.Earlier it was written that you can either take attested documents in a sealed/stamped (by registrar) envelope. Good, if they give it in University Envelope.Then courier it to WES Office at Ontario.

      Else if you want it to be directly sent through the University, I personally don’t think it might be a good option as you will not come to know when it got dispatched,where it is at a particular time,it would be a great chaos of many days until you see the Status on WES Candidate profile that they have received it.So people usually prefer couriering it by themselves.

      But if you still want it to be sent directly from AKTU then you can request AKTU to send it directly to WES.You’ll have to pay extra for it.WES donot have any issues whichever way one want it to be delivered.

      But do read the instructions in the candidate’s profile in case if there is any change now.They provide the advisory and rules about how they want it.But if you still wanna go for Transcripts then the process I have given above.You can follow that.

      2 years back they used to accept the documents in the above mentioned form sent by the candidate.I think they still accept that way.

  11. Addendum: If you have decided that you want it to be sent by AKTU then don’t forget to write the Candidate Id on the top of the envelope where officer will make you write the address of WES.Because by that id only the candidate will be recognized to whom the package belongs.WES gives a unique ID to the candidate,which they communicate either by mail or it remains there in the candidate’s profile.

    In case you want to send it by yourself,then also you’ll have to give it on the top of the envelope.

  12. Hey Ashish,

    Thanks for the info. But one question- can they not give the transcripts on the same day when we are visiting? I am travelling to Lucknow on 29th of August.

    • Good to see that you are planning a visit, from where are you planning to go and are you the one taking the transcript for yourself or on someone’s behalf? Let me know if you would like a company, I am traveling in the same boat and have to plan a visit shortly.

      • Hi Arvind,

        Have you already been there? Kindly share your experience. I am also planning to visit next week.


    • Hi Sneha,
      I too wanted to get it on the same day as I too visited there from very distant place, but the officer said that they do not issue it on the same day.They have their own vindications that they have huge amount of work to do and registrar is busy clearing the logjam or he is unavailable at the moment.They say it’s a long process to verify the marksheets and then to get the drafted transcripts attested by the Registrar and then to seal them and dispatch them.They take3-4 working days to do all this.So me and many others couldn’t get it on the same day.We all were from distant places.

      But the good thing is that,they try to send it asap positively and transcripts usually arrives as registered post withing 10 days at the address you have provided.Rest assured you too will get it within 10 days if you are in North India.

      Good Luck.

  13. Hello ,

    Can we get the transcript done from UPTU University Campus in Noida(Sector 62)
    I am a 2006 passout.


    • At Sector 62 Noida,they never ever did any University related work. For every thing they hada single answer: “Lucknow chale jaiye aap”.I don’t know for what purpose they invested in that campus.Now Noida centre has become AICTE approved Design Institute offering Bachelor of Design (B.Des.)

  14. Hi,

    I an 2006 passout from UPTU and I understood from this post that there is no online process for getting the Transcript for us.
    I have a question regarding original marksheets. Is it mandatory to carry original marksheets as I will be sending my friend on behalf of me and I cannot send my original marksheet to her as I am not in India.

    Juhi Goel

    • For WES they did ask for the original markheets and degree certificate.They verified from the originals.

      As mentioned in the main answer above,for Transcripts they asked only for photocopies of all the marksheets and degree.He asked whether transcripts belongs to you or on behalf of someone you are applying.Since it was for self,they didn’t ask for originals.Perhaps they take time for checking ti from their own end as they have the whole data base and they get your serial number,enrollment number and roll number from your photocopies and check it from their own database.

      Don’t know the scenario for those who go there on behalf of someone.May be they will ask for the safety and authentication purpose.Or may be they don’t ask and check in the same way they do for the original applicant.You never know Indian bureaucratic mood.

    • Thanks Ashish for the consolidated information provided.

      Hi Juhi,
      I have similar scenario, I cannot send my original marksheets to university as I am not i India.
      Could you share your experience? Did they ask your friend for original marksheets for verification?


  15. I apply my migration on 2 aug but still i have not receive it .. Payment is done on same day status will be shows in process.i dont knw what the problem behind it

    • This thread is for Manual Transcripts.Please put your question in the thread where Migration certificate related questions are asked.

  16. Hi Ashish,

    Thanks for such a valuable information.

    My Query – Do they sign on the back of the sealed envelope (a requirement from WES assessment) or do we need to tell them to sign on it?

    I am looking forward to visiting the campus next week to apply for the transcripts as I am 2009 pass out.

    • Hi RR,

      My pleasure!!

      For WES, guidelines are fixed,therefore all the Universities around the globe abide by the same International standard process of attestation. Hence,Yes they (Registrar) do sign and stamp at 3 places on the back side of the sealed envelope,covering all the closures of it. I remember, I didn’t ask for it and they did this by their own as they know the process.

      However, there is no harm in telling them about how you want it.

      All the best. 🙂

  17. Hi Ashish – I am also passed out in 2002.. Since then university name has been changed from UPTU to AKTU.. if I apply for transcripts now.. would WES will recognize the transcripts issued under the seal of AKTU while my marksheets and diploma certificate is issued by UPTU earlier or they will issue some name change letter under their seal to validate such apprehensions. Also since i will also be travelling from delhi to Lucknow via flight…can u pls advise the exact address to book a taxi for reaching university for Transcripts. Also when u say that we have to draft out Transcripts in a Pendrive which university staff will copy with them.. here do u mean by drafting a transcript ?/ is it a format wherein we are filling marks, percentage etc.. to make it handy for university to process … kindly help we are travelling tomorrow morning flight for this job….. appreciate if I can connect with you 9717670222 .. many thanks

  18. Hi,

    May I know where it is mentioned on the university website that online facility is for 2010+ pass outs. I have checked but couldn’t find out.

    And one more question if I ask for 4 copies of transcripts, will they give each copy in different envelopes with stamp on back?


  19. Hi,

    I am from 2014 batch. I wan to know if it is possible to get the Transcripts from UPTU via courier without actually visiting the University?

  20. Dear all,

    I visited the university 10 days ago and applied for transcripts. I should receive the transcripts by post in next 2-3 weeks. I know the pain that all of us are going through just because there is no online request for it before 2010 batch passout. I will post an update when I get my transcripts about the process.


    • Hi sachin,

      Are you going for WES?As they have asked for direct courier from university?Have you asked the same from the university ?

  21. Hii everyone, I am MBA passout of 2017. I have downloaded the format of transcript to fill in all details of each semester. So, as to get my transcript. But I am having a doubt that whether qualifying papers like Cyber security should also be shown in Transcript or not. Please reach out me on or WhatsApp on 7532955058

  22. Hi,
    As per the new WES rule they want courier to be send directly from the university to WES Canada office.
    Did anyone got this part done from UPTU university?

    • Pooja,
      Even ,I was checking on University site , I guess uptu is not aware about process yet, regarding Wes. I am trying to reach University number ,but no luck .

  23. Hi,

    Can you tell how to obtain university rank certificate from AKTU(UPTU)? Is there any such procedure online?

  24. Actually i also wanted the transcript but the prob which i am facing is that when i am downloading the transcript form for mba its showing code and subjects which is totally diff so can i edit the subject code and mention it
    Pls let me know
    Whatsapp – 9045955647

  25. Did anyone try sending the transcript from the UPTU online portal ? There is an option to choose Wes number and Canada postal address?

  26. Hi Ashish,
    can you please give your contact number. I want to discuss with you regarding the transcript.

  27. Hi Guys
    I got the transcript and uptu courier to WES. But now the problem is wes send a mail to UPTU for verification. 1 month passed but Uptu didnt reply on that. Can any one help me.
    Also i got transcript from 3rd party agent. If any one need help i can give his number.

    I am staying in pune and got transcript from UPTU without going Lucknow.

    Please call me/whatsapp on 9168695458

  28. Hi tarun

    How did you get the transcript courier to wes from UPTU Directly ?
    Any how did you got the transcript without visiting lucknow ?

    can u pls answer my above 2 qustions


  29. Hi Guys,

    I am applying for transcript from AKTU through the online portal,there is an option to upload the application and the other option is to upload the transcript format.

    What do we actually need to upload in the application section ?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  30. my transcript is ready, can u please tell me , “what is transcript application form”, is there some specific format for ranscript application form

  31. I tried to apply online but not able to pay the fee. I uploaded my marksheet nd degree and transcipt form.
    After that i got the message that your application is disapproved. Remarks given by university authorities are transcript.

      • hi prateek,
        is the issue solved for you. in am from 2006 batch.
        it do not allow the payment and says that application is not approved or disapproved.


  32. Hi,

    I made payment for my transcript 15 days back it is still in progress can anyone tell me how much time it takes to dispatch


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