DTU Delhi grading system rules and regulations

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DTU Delhi grading system rules and regulations 2015 are given below:


The candidates are given admission to undergraduate programs on the basis of merit in JEE Main.


All the students are required to register in each semester on or before the given date as notified in the academic calendar. The student can register himself after the scheduled date by paying late registration fees up to a maximum of 10 days. If a student is late in registration due to industrial training he will be allowed to register without paying late registration fee up to a maximum of 10 working days from the last date of registration.

Subject registration

  • All students should register for the course which they want to take in the semester.  The student will not get any credit if he attended the course without registration.
  • First of all the student is required to register for the course in which he has been declared failed.
  • The student should register for a minimum of 16 credits and maximum of 24 credits.

Program advisor

Head of the department will depute a program advisor to guide the students for registration.

Course coordinator

Head of the department will appoint course coordinator for each subject/ course.

DTU Credits

Normally theory lectures/  tutorials:  1 hour per week is equal to 1 credit

Practicals:  2 hours per week is equal to 1 credit

DTU Delhi CBCS grading system  distribution of marks

dtu delhi grading system

‘F’ Grade details

The ‘F’ grades mean that the student is failed in the course. ‘F’ grade is also awarded in case of shortage of attendance.

If a student gets ‘F’ grade In elective subjects, He may take the same course or any other course from the same category.

The weight of ‘F’ grade is not considered in the calculation of the CGPA . The weight of ‘F’ grade is considered in the calculation of the SGPA.

If a student gets ‘F’ grade for the major project, he/she shall have to repeat the course and prepare a new project. These students will have to work full-time on the project for a minimum period of four months. The student will be awarded maximum ‘B’ grade.

‘I’ grade details

‘I’ grade means an ‘incomplete’ grade. ‘I’ grade is required to be converted into a regular letter grade.

DTU Delhi Attendance rule

The student should have minimum 75% attendance.  The dean academic UG may relax the minimum attendance up to 10% for genuine reasons. The vice chancellor my further relax the attendance up to 5 percent.

DTU award of division

First class with distinction: a student having CGPA of 8.5 and above shall be awarded ‘First Division with Distinction’

First class: a student having CGPA between 6.75 and 8.5 shall be awarded “First Division”

Rank:  all the students who have passed the examination will be given rank

Make-up Examination

The students who have not appeared in the Mid-term Examination for valid reasons may be allowed to appear in the make-up examination. The student Is required to make an application, within ten working days from the date of the examination not appeared, giving the reasons for their absence.

The candidate may apply for the award of ‘I’ grade If he could not appear in End Term Examination of a course on medical reasons or other special reason. Make-up-examination will not be allowed if a student has been disqualified earlier, due to the shortage of attendance. The make-up examination will be held along with the Supplementary Examination to convert ‘I’ grade to appropriate letter grade.

DTU Supplementary Examination

Supplementary examination will be held in the same semester after the end of end term examination.  The maximum grade the students can get in this examination shall be ‘D’

Only those students will be allowed to take supplementary examination who have been not disqualified due to the shortage of attendance or due to use of unfair means earlier.

Withdrawal from Course

A student may be allowed to withdraw from a course if he applies on a prescribed form within one week from the end of the Mid-Term examination.

Semester Withdrawal

The student may be allowed to withdraw from the whole semester examinations if he remains absent more than 4 weeks in a semester. Partial withdrawal is not be allowed.

Award of Degree

A student who has got at least CGPA of 5.0 and earned the required number of credits is eligible for the award of the degree.The credits for the courses in which a student has obtained the minimum passing grade for a course ‘D’ is obtained will be considered.

Statistical Method for the Award of Grades (For Courses in which number of students is more than 30)

dtu delhi grading system stastical method

Awards of Grades Based on Absolute Marks System (For Courses in which number of students is less than or equal to 30)

dtu delhi grading system absolute marks method

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