Bharathiar University CBCS PG Grading System

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Bharathiar University CBCS PG Grading System 2010 Passing grade marks attendance rules: Bharathiar University CBCS PG Grading System Passing grade marks attendance rules applicable from the year 2010 are explained here.

Bharathiar University PG Credit System

Credits: It is the weightage given to each subject. 

Credit System: It is the course of study under this regulations in which weightage of credits are spread over to different semesters during the period of study. 

Bharathiar University PG Grading System

Performance of a candidate will be given by letter grades, each assigned a number of points, based on the range of total marks (out of 100) obtained by the candidate in each course.

Bharathiar University Conversion of Marks to Grade Points and Letter Grade

Range of Marks  Letter Grade  Grade Points Remarks
90 – 100 9-10  Outstanding
80-89 D+  8-8.9 Excellent
75-79 D 7.5-7.9 Distinction
70-74  A+  7-7.4 Very Good
60-69 A 6-6.9 Good
50-59  B 5-5.9 Average
00 – 49 U 00 Reappear
Absent AAA 00 Absent

Bharathiar University PG Minimum Passing Marks 

A candidate get passed in a paper if a student obtains not less than 50% of marks in that paper. A candidate shall get passed the whole Examination if the student passes in all the papers.

Improvement of Marks 

Candidates who want to improve the marks obtained in a passed subject in their first attempt may reappear once within subsequent 02 semesters. The improved marks shall not be used for ranking. No change in the original marks already awarded if after reappearing marks are not improved. 

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Duration of the Undergraduate Programme

The course shall extend over a period of 02 academic years comprising 02 semesters in one academic year. 

Bharathiar University PG Attendance rule

1) A candidate will be allowed to take the University Examination for any Semester, if he/she secures not less than 75% of attendance out of the 90 instructional days during the Semester.

  1. A candidate who has obtained attendance less than 75% but 65% and above shall be permitted to take the Examination.
  2. A candidate who has got attendance less than 65% but 55% and above in any Semester, has to compensate for the shortage of attendance in the subsequent Semester besides, earning the required percentage of attendance in that Semester and take the Examination of both the Semester papers together at the end of the latter Semester.
  3. A candidate who has got less than 55% of attendance in any Semester will not be permitted to take the regular Examinations and to continue the study in the subsequent Semester. He/she has to re-do the Course by rejoining the Semester in which the attendance is less than 55%.
  4. A candidate who has secured less than 65% of attendance in the final Semester has to compensate his / her attendance shortage in a manner to be decided by the HOD.

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