Bangalore University BU MBA project dissertation guidelines

(Last Updated On: 01/11/2017)

Bangalore University BU MBA project dissertation guidelines

Students of MBA are required to take a Project work immediately after the examination of second semester are over. This project is to be undertaken in the guidance of a faculty of the institution. This project has to be on a live management problem / issue concerning either an organization or otherwise. Their project work may involve a desk study/data analysis/ extension work or exploration of an idea or its implementation.They are supposed to submit a project report within two weeks of commencement of third semester. The purpose of the project work is to develop larger life skills and positive attitude among students.

The project work should be completed within four weeks after the completion of II Semester and before the commencement of III Semester. The project work is allotted 50 marks. The students will prepare a hard bound project report. 25 marks will be given on the basis of project report and 25 marks on the basis of viva voce. The students are required to score 50% marks in order to get a pass in the project work. A panel of examiners and the concerned faculty guide will evaluate the project report and will undertake viva of the student.

All the management students will undertake a project in the area of his / her specialization under the supervision of a Faculty guide. The students should submit a synopsis of the dissertation giving the statement of problem, objectives and methodology to be followed before starting of actual work. The dissertation has to be organization specific but not a macro study or freelance. The dissertation duly signed by the guide and certified by the principal/director is to be submitted in a bound copy and a soft copy to the university at the end of the fourth semester before the commencement of the semester examination. Student will work for min. 45 days on full time basis on the Dissertation. There will be no classes during this period.The dissertation is allotted 200 marks.The dissertation shall be evaluated by two examiners (Faculty guide and external examiner). The student should score minimum of 50% marks for a pass in the dissertation. A viva-voce examination for 50 marks on the dissertation will also be conducted by Board of Examiners/examiners authorized by Chairman of BOE. The student should score minimum of 50% marks for pass in the viva-voce examination.


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