ANDHRA UNIVERSITY AU BTech grading System (CBCS) Scheme of marks

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ANDHRA UNIVERSITY AU BTech grading System (CBCS) Scheme of marks: AU Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) scheme is applicable for the students admitted in 1st year on and after July 2015. AU B.E. / B.Tech  program shall be a four years (eight semesters) programme divided into eight semesters, each semester having duration of 16 weeks.

Every Course will consists of specific Lecture-Tutorial-Practical (L-T-P) Schedule.
Lecture and tutorial of one hour each of any subject is assigned one credit.
Practical of three hours each of any subject is assigned two credit.



A student will pass in a theory subject if he / she secure minimum of 40% of the maximum marks (excluding sessional marks) prescribed in the University examination. Minimum Passing Grade required in a subject / paper is “P”. A student will pass in a Practical/ Field Work/ Project/ Viva-voce / Training examination if the student  secure a minimum of 50% of the maximum marks(excluding sessional marks) prescribed for the University Examination. Minimum Passing Grade in a practical / Field Work / Project / Viva voce / Training course is “C”. A student should secure min. 50% marks in aggregate.

A student should secure a min. SGPA of 5.0 for passing a semester.

Andhra University AU BTech grading system and their numerical equivalents are as under:

Choice Based Credit System  CBCS Marks Distribution

Grade % Marks range Grade Point performance
O >90 to 100 10 Outstanding
A+ >80 to 90 9 Excellent
A >70 to 80 8 V. Good
B+ >60 to 70 7 Good
B >55 to 60 6 Above Average
C >50 to 55 5 Average
P 40 to 50 4 Pass
F  <40 0 Fail
Ab (Absent)


In each semester the student has to keep a minimum attendance of 75% in each Course.

Students having attendance between 66% and 74% may be permitted to appear in exam on medical grounds with a payment of Rs. 1000/-

If a student is detained due to shortage of attendance, he will have to repeat the semester. Such students are not allowed to take subsequent semester.


Students can find percentage from grades using following formula:

[CGPA Earned] x 10= Percentage of marks scored.

Example: [CGPA Earned 7.2]x 10 = 72%

Award of Division and Ranks

Distinction           CGPA 7.0 or more

1st Class                 CGPA 6.0 OR more but less than 7.0

2nd Class               CGPA 5.0 OR more but less than 6.0

Award of marks by Grafting

Grafting will be allowed for not more than two subjects. Grafting will done from other theory / practical exams. There is no provision for grace marks.

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