List of MBA Management Colleges in Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Get the List of Top Management Colleges. Here you will find a list of top 10, 20, 30 best ranking MBA Management colleges and top private, government management colleges, MBA, BBA, PGDM colleges offering best management courses.

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Sr. No. City Name of College Status Yr. Est. Seats
1Bhopal Academy of Management, Awadhpuri, BhopalPrivate240
2Bhopal Bansal Inst. of Sc. & Tech.,(MCA) BhopalPrivate60
3Bhopal Bansal inst. Of Res. & Tech. BhopalPrivate200760
4Bhopal Bansal Instt. of Sc. & Tech., BhopalPrivate200060
5Bhopal Bansal MBA College, BhopalPrivate120
6Bhopal Bhabha Engineering Research Inst.BhopalPrivate200360
7Bhopal Bhabha college of Engg., BhopalPrivate200860
8Bhopal Bhabha Eng. Res. Inst. (MCA) BhopalPrivate200360
9Bhopal Bhabha Management Research Inst. BhopalPrivate200360
10Bhopal Career College Of Management, BhopalPrivate60
11Bhopal CR Inst. Of Mgmt. Studies , B.U. BhopalSelf Financing60
12Bhopal Crescent Institute of Management Studies, BhopalPrivate90
13Bhopal Girdhar Shiksha Evam Samaj Kalyan Samiti Group of InstutionsPrivate2009120
14Bhopal Gyan Ganga Institute Of Technology & Management, BhopalPrivate200760
15Bhopal IES College of Tech., BhopalPrivate200760
16Bhopal Indira Priyadarshini College of Mgmt., BhopalPrivate200360
17Bhopal Inst.of Cooperative Mgmt, BhopalAutonomous60
18Bhopal Institute of Prof. Edu. & Res.(IPER), BhopalPrivate1996180
19Bhopal Jai Narain College of Tech. & Sc., BhopalPrivate200760
20Bhopal Jai Narain College of Tech., BhopalPrivate200360
21Bhopal Jeev Sewa Sansthan Group of Institutions for Women-Faculty of Management, BhopalPrivate201160
22Bhopal Kailash Chandra bansal College of Tech. BhopalPrivate60
23Bhopal Kailash Narayan Patidar College of Sc. & Tech., BhopalPrivate200860
24Bhopal Lakshmi Narayan College of Tech.&Sci. BhopalPrivate120
25Bhopal Lakshmi Narayan College of Technology, BhopalPrivate120
26Bhopal Lakshmipati Inst. Of Sc. & Tech(LIST)., BhopalPrivate200860
27Bhopal Maharana Pratap College Of Management, BhopalPrivate2011120
28Bhopal Maharishi Centre for Educational Excellence (MCEE),MBAPrivate120
29Bhopal Manjula K. Ponda College of Mgmt., BhopalPrivate2007-200860
30Bhopal Millennium Inst. of Tech. & Sc., BhopalPrivate60
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